What I have been up to!

Hello coven! I hope everyone is doing great. I decided that I would come on a make a post explaining what’s been going on for me lately as I know I haven’t been quite as active on the forum.

Firstly I need to state that I haven’t been spending quite as much time in solitude. My wife and son are in my life once more and I do appreciate it, although it does mean I get to spend less time on my occult studies. For a period of about two years I was alone in my apartment up here in Canada, and I don’t regret one second of it because it opened the door to so much more, it was really what I needed.

Now I’ve managed to see my son into grade one, and my wife is interacting with me frequently, and some of my emphasis on forum posting was diminished. Trust me though, I kept up with my Craft for the most part, I still cast spells on a regular basis, and I am still reading, researching, and learning all I can, as well as watching numerous Youtube personalities who I find to be greatly inspirational.

I have been a gamer for most of my life, ever since getting my first console at the age of 5. When I finally started tapping into witchcraft more recently in life, one of the things that appealed to me was the fact that it was hands on and didn’t involve electronics. I’ve always faced adversity based on how much screen time I get, so it felt good to have something like the Craft taking me into the real world that I truly found interesting enough to pursue, this is why I love Witchcraft so much. I value this forum, but I felt that I could sacrifice some time on here because it was the being a witch in reality that seemed more important. Now I know virtual space and reality are connected fundamentally but I do hope you get my point.

With things stabilizing a little now, I may (or may not) increase my attention to the forum, hopefully I will. I’m in kind of a place where I’m allowing myself to be myself and be pulled to whatever I deem I need to do, and want to do, to get to where I need to be. Witchcraft is still present, I just want you all to know that being a member of the coven matters to me even if I may seem busy.

I’ve been keeping some journals since I started down the road of Magick. In one of them I went back and forth for quite some time, and quite frequently, on whether I wanted to be considered a Wizard, or a Witch. I watched a video recently on Youtube, that explained that you kind of start as a Witch, and then later you could specialize into a Wizard. This gives me inspiration, and I feel that I have specialized into being a Wizard. Being a Wizard to me means being someone who influences the world with power. Someone who has an interest in power in all forms. Witchcraft is definitely a key, and one of my favorite forms of power, but it not everything. Labelling myself a Wizard, I find is more accurate, because it explains my interest in power in all forms, and simply for the sake of power itself. For me this means games, fiction, books, shows, nature, sports, literally everything I do. It is all magickly infused and Witchcraft is tied into it. I have some serious ideas about power as a binding force and something that stands separate from common interpretation of power, like power over a military for example. I believe it can actually shape reality to your will, and it has endless levels and depth. I have devoted my life to studying, using, and gaining power, and I feel like it truly my only calling. Doing this allows me to spread out my interests like Witchcraft, gaming, and reading, as kind of nodes from a centerpiece that is power itself.

I just wanted to convey what has been going on my life.
I wish you all a wonderful day/night.
Blessed Be!


I’m so happy that you’re spending time with your son! You can’t get that time back, so cherish it!! .
Thanks for letting us know that you’re ok!
I think you’d make a wonderful wizard! You’re very smart! Have a blessed day/night!


It’s wonderful that you have been able to reconnect with your wife & son! I’m very happy for you!

It sounds like you have come a long way & the progress you’ve made is substantial. Great job! When you are ready or have some time, please join us again! Even if it is for a short time, let us know how you are doing & continue to keep studying & practicing & honing your skills.


Hello @colin, happy to see you and that you’re doing well. Also that you’re doing the right thing, this is on keeping; family, responsibilities, games, the craft and you in balance. By doing this is where power resides, by maintaining the armory of all this elements called life.


@colin so happy to hear things are going well for you. Please keep us posted on your progress. Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay for getting time with the wife and son! That’s so great. That’s a special kind of magic all its own. I’m glad you’ve been keeping up too, be it witch or wizard. Stop by from time to time, we enjoy hearing from you!


Thanks for this lovely update, @colin- you have been missed! :blush:

It’s wonderful to hear about all of your accomplishments, from spending valuable time with your family to deepening your magickal practice. Congrats to you- you’re doing amazing! :partying_face:

It sounds like ‘Wizard’ suits you well and represents how far you have come on your spiritual path- may you wear it with pride! :mage:

Feel free to pop in and say hello whenever you have the urge. The coven will be here- I always look forward to your posts and hearing about your current magickal experiences! Blessed be, Colin! :infinite_roots: :sparkles: