What is a good simple spell I can cast regularly?

Hello wonderful coven,

My life is busy and will be busy for a long time. I am ok with that. However, I am not spending enough time with my witch stuff. I don’t often cast circles, my meditations are right before I fall asleep. My tarot readings are generally quick daily pulls.

Does anyone have a simple reliable spell that I can cast regularly?

I acknowledge that for me to learn and get comfortable, I need repetition. And I have to start small.

Any ideas not involving baths?


Hey @Phoenix_Rose – I think what you’re doing already is good enough to keep your “witchy senses” going :blush: Contrary to pop culture, we don’t need to cast spells every single day to be an effective witch. (This is something I used to think AND force myself to do – it was no fun!)

But if you’re looking for a spell to cast every day, I would first start with an interest. Create a sigil to use for prosperity or good luck :four_leaf_clover: or enchant your drinks to help boost your mood. It all depends on you and what you need or want :sparkles: :blush:


Regardless of how my day actually starts & plays out, I always stir my coffee with intent & will even rearrange or do something with intent. Whether it’s using my diffusers, a shower, stirring a drink, or walking outside (although now, I can’t do that barefoot :footprints: anymore… braces & boots or sneakers it is until the end of April) I moon & star gaze… it doesn’t have to be something elaborate at all each day.

I had just said that my daughter was teasing me & said I wasn’t a real witch because I didn’t do things every day… I said, “Honey, that’s not how this works… that’s not how any of this works.” (commercial reference that we use in the house when someone is being silly) She still has questions about it all, but at the same time is 13, has friends, new boundaries, getting into her school groove. She accepts that she got herself into this new situation with the phone & school so now she has new guidelines to follow & she is doing great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry for rambling… don’t ever feel like you have to do something every day. You probably do & don’t realize it. Even a passing thought about something & if there is nothing for a day… that’s okay too. When you are ready or feel it’s right you will do what feels right at that time. No need to do something everyday. :hugs:


@MeganB i agree with you that we don’t need to cast a spell everyday to be a witch. However, I know I am missing something. It’s like the energetic connection isn’t quite there. I am out of touch somewhere along the line. I am thinking being able to have a simple spell to cast regularly will be able to help me with this.
Thanks for your ideas.
I did create a sigil and it was cool. It was related to the phoenix and if I use that one I think it will bring up a lot of shadow stuff I have to work on. So I think I will leave that sigil for the winter time :). I could create a different one.

How do you enchant drinks?


Hi @Susurrus I am glad to hear your daughter is doing well with phone and boundaries. I have not been reading posts this week as my work load just doubled this week and is not likely to slow down. So forgive me if you have mentioned this before. I also have a memory like a sieve…:wink:
I have a 12 and 14 year old. I got an email from him teacher this year and in previous years that he is on his phone during class. I gave him two options - hand in his phone at beginning of class and pick it up at the end or else I suspend his phone services. His teacher this year was willing to let him try to control himself and if he doesn’t will let me know. Now he is grateful to his teacher for giving him a chance and knows that it is not his teacher who is responsible for him using his phone appropriately! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, I agree that I don’t have to do anything daily to be a witch. But I know I need to have something simple to do that helps me build the connection I am missing. I do likely do something every day, including having thoughts that come to pass. However, I need to build ‘the missing’ and my spidey sense is telling me that is a regular simple spell. Time will tell if that is correct :grin:


Here’s how I bless my tea in the mornings. Maybe that will help you, give you an idea.

Goddess of the roots and leaves,
hear me now and listen to me please,
the water gets stirred and the sugar dissolves,
let the tea be infused with your love and resolve,
bless me with your patience and don’t stray,
stay by my side, throughout the day.

Hope that gives you some ideas!


That is a great blessing! Thank you!


You’re welcome!


@Phoenix_Rose no worries, I’m not even sure that I have said much about it :rofl: She is though, she is doing great!

When I stir my coffee, tea, what have you…

3 times clockwise to encourage positivity throughout my day
3 times counterclockwise to banish negativity
Then I draw some type of sigil or something with the spoon.

I do the same thing when I stir my yogurt up too, really anything that you would stir would work :smiling_face:


Greetings @Phoenix_Rose!

You’ve got some really great suggestions and encouragement here- if I can offer another thing, I’d recommend checking out what the coven shared during the past Casual Casting Challenge. The entries everyone shared all talk about easy ways to weave a bit of magick into the everyday- you might find some fun ideas there! :blush:

Spells8 Challenge Witch Casual Informal Magick

I hope you’re able to find some fun witchy things to work into your schedule!

Blessed be :sparkles:


I get that :people_hugging: that happens to me occasionally, too. I’m currently feeling like that but my lack of connection is stress and schedule related :laughing:

Super easy! I just close my eyes and hold my hands over my drink while envisioning an energy surrounding my drink infusing it with my intention. Sometimes I’ll say a little chant or prayer but not always. It’s easier for me to convey my intention in feelings and pictures rather than words.

And as @BryWisteria mentioned, you might have some luck looking through the previous casual casting challenge for ideas, too! Or you could even make it a point to do the spells posted in Spell-A-Day on a regular basis – or tweak them a bit to suit you!


That makes sense. Work has been busy and I have a teenager and a tween so they push back often. I am probably disconnected due to stress and schedule.

Last night I thought I would enchant my drink today but just realized as I look at my empty tea cup that I forgot! Lol. I will have to brew an herbal drink and try again. With what I don’t know- maybe just grounding or alert energy.

Thank you for these great suggestions!


At this point, this is just a normal part of life for me :woman_shrugging: I just have to grin, bear it, and connect when I can. :tea: As for enchanting drinks, it doesn’t even have to be tea! You can enchant your water to help you stay hydrated :water_element:


Thank you for all your wonderful ideas!!!

Yesterday I did make a cup of tea @Susurrus and @MeganB - I didn’t have a spoon to stir with so I used chocolate. :wink: I put positive energy into it with my hands and thoughts before stirring. Then I stirred clockwise three times for grounding and counterclockwise three times for releasing excess energy. I felt a shift in energy! yay.

Between the blessings from @Amethyst, your tea rituals Megan and Siofora, and @BryWisteria’s link- I think I will be good to build a sense of connection on a regular basis. The fact that I noticed a shift in energy after doing the tea spell means I am connected. I may need to redefine what that looks like for me rather than assuming I am disconnected.

Have a blessed day everyone!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s great news! & I mean adding chocolate can add positive intent to the tea also! If you have any other questions or need some ideas for something, please feel free to ask or let us know :heart:


That’s great! I’m glad I could help a little. It doesn’t have to be a big thing to connect you either, every little everyday thing can be blessed. Right down to brushing your teeth! Good luck!


Congrats on your successful tea spellwork! :tea::blush:

It sounds like you’re well on way to finding fun and easy ways that work for you to add some magick into the day- wishing you all the best with it, Maudot! Blessed be! :heart:


Hi @Phoenix_Rose I’ve been out, but thought I’d still share what I do in case it’s helpful - basically I live in magick, each thing I do in the mundane is infused with magick - with purpose. I have a daily sigil that symbolizes for me protection, energy, happiness, wellness and use on everything in this regular daily casting…. If I do 5 of the 8 below, I feel successful each day:

Sun salutation - Yang energy - do whatever pose you feel good with or a yoga sun salutation - visualise the sun rising across a landscape that inspires wonder and beauty within you. Feel the energy of the sun filling you with that energy of a new day, of possibility and new beginnings and opportunities.

Tea/coffee enchantment - Stir your sigil in and say: May this libation fill my body, my mind, and my spirit. May I be awake, aware, and blessed this day and all others. So mote it be!

Mid day
Drink enchantment - As you stir your drink in a clockwise direction, envision something good happening to you by the end of the day or think of a few qualities you’d like to infuse your day with. Maybe you’d like happiness, laughter, and love or creativity and passion. Continue stirring as you envision these things and think or say out loud, “These things I draw to me as I drink this cup of magic coffee.” You may wish to blow your breath (filled with those intentions) into the coffee cup before sipping.

60 seconds for life - write a stream of consciousness, in your phone or paper journal, anything, just write or draw for 60 seconds, it will change your day/life!

5 year journal - get a 5 year journal that has 5 years of one day on each page, they are game changers! Just sit for 10-15 min with tea and write.

Tea enchantment - sigil, blessing, happiness, you know….

Tea enchantment - Sigil!!! Say: tonight I will sleep well without disturbance, protected and be peaceful - Visualize, ground, center.

moon salutation - Yin energy - do whatever pose you feel good with, stretches or a yoga moon salutation - visualize the moon rising across the earth, cool, relaxing, and creative qualities and also balances the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.

With love, Jan :green_heart:


This is amazing, Jan!!! Thank you for sharing this. I love all these ideas and I can bring a few of them into my daily routine. I like sun salutations and I can get better at moon salutations.

I am intrigued by the writing suggestions. I will try but have no idea what to write so this means I will have to stop overthinking to allow the process to happen!

Yea enchantments and sigils are great. I won’t worry about doing the same one all the time. I will do it until I am inspired with another one.

I have bookmarked this.

Than you again! :heart::heart:

Many blessings to you!