What is going on?


There are times when I am just focusing on my breath or doing a meditation with my eyes closed a scene will come into my mind’s eye.

For instance I am walking along a dirt path there is grass on either side of the path some buildings.
Or I am flying over mountains or I am seeing trees lit up at night and there is a park and there is snow.

I don’t ever see myself I am seeing it through my own eyes like I am there, if that makes sense.
I have never been to these places that I am seeing.

Once I start thinking about what I’m seeing it stops.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what is happening?


Sounds like a great meditation & your like… traveling but kind of they are some things that your being shown from your unconscious mind that are coming to you. Kind of almost like visual messages.

Do notice any sensations or feelings? Any thoughts or things that come up when this happens? Any themes or symbols?

When it happens, I would journal about the experience. What you saw, felt, any similarities (right down to colors, shapes, times of day, anything similar) Then go back & look for patterns or similar things.

It may be kind of a message or just a visualization helping you to relax & take you away from the everyday stress to quiet your mind.

Try the journaling about it & see if anything is similar or a common theme. :revolving_hearts:


Thank you for!
Do you know why it would stop once I start thinking?


Once you come out of the meditation
:person_in_lotus_position: & relaxed state or back to like… conscious awareness… what was happening when you were meditating floats away. Kind of like when your dreaming & wake up, the dream stops.


Thank you. One last question - when I am doing a guided mediation I visualize and it is fuzzy not quite clear. When these images pop up it is crystal clear like I am there or looking at high def.
What would explain that?
And how do I get the images to keep popping up?


The guided ones, sometimes you are meditating & maybe too focused on what is being said so you are actively trying to bring the images to your mind. Try being a little more relaxed & letting them guide you without concentrating so hard on what they are telling you is happening. It will be more like you hear it & the images they are suggesting or saying will come as they are meant to for you to see with your mind, instead of trying to create them while you’re in the guided meditation.

I hope that makes sense. If not let me know & I’ll find a way to reword it for you.


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