What new Skills has this Pandemic Taught You?

I know many of our lives have changed drastically since this pandemic, and for many of us, our lives will not go back to what they were.
This pandemic has made a lot of us slow down or stop our busy lives and learn to embrace change and learning.
I would love to hear positive changes you have made in your lives, or some new skills you have picked up!

I personally have re-embraced being a witch. I have also taken a bunch of classes to further my degree, and had a chance to organize my house!

Remember, no matter what bad things happen, if we embrace the positive, positive energy will flow more into your live!


Honestly, I’ve been taking the learning slow through this pandemic. It makes my anxiety run really high, so if I have something like performance anxiety then I just get really bad.

I have been working more on my own content and website. I’ve been crocheting more. I don’t think I’ve learned a new skill but I have learned how to slow down a bit and not always be so quick to stay busy.


I was introduced to this new way of life because of this pandemic I had the time to sit focus and listen and now I am on this beautiful new course


I am so sorry that your anxiety levels are so high. That is not fun at all. I found a bunch of free courses to help handle anxiety and “rewire” yourself to be happier. There is a bunch on Coursera. I know I have been getting anxiety LEAVING the house. In my house I am fine. People stress me out really bad lately…especially since the pandemic has brought out the extremes in people’s personalities.
If you want some recommendations of any free courses and things that have helped me, I would love to share!


Good question! I have to admit that the pandemic hasn’t changed my life too drastically (apart from the obvious; lockdown, not being able to meet friends or to travel etc.). I am however working from home since March, and not having to go to the office every day has of course given me more time. I enjoy learning new languages, so that’s what I’ve mainly been doing with the extra time :blush:


I’ve been seriously trying to learn the tarot. I finally found a deck I’m compatible with and like and I’ve been watching videos here and on YouTube as well as reading books. Now I’m trying to learn the runes too. LOL. It’s fun but difficult to remember the names and pronounce them right.


The best part for me was when everybody started using Zoom and now I get to talk to family members that I hadn’t seen in a looong time!

I like how much technology has helped in that regard. It’s a lot more “acceptable” now to do everything from home, just like The Jetsons predicted!



My favorite and I am always comparing the moving pavement , pop up meals and talking to person face to face is happening now as predicted in the cartoon
that first aired in 1962. I was amazed when I got AOL for my children and got to talk to people all over the world in chat rooms :joy:


I love everyone’s positivity :blush: :two_hearts:

During the lockdown I took a few free online courses to pass the time, and have been working on my Polish! :open_book::+1: It’s tough, but I can see some improvements :laughing:. Glad to see I’m not the only one! What languages have you been studying, @christine4? :grin:

I’ve also put a lot more effort into organizing the apartment and keeping things neat and tidy- I found a clean space has such a powerful positive effect on my thoughts! :brain: I took the great advice from @Amethyst and @ana6 who recommended listening to the cleansing music by WOKE NATION. I listen to some of their music while I do my daily cleaning- it’s so relaxing and peaceful! :dove:

In tough times it takes a lot of strength to think optimistically and keep moving forward (or some days, just trying to stay afloat!). Sending big hugs and love to all of you! :heart:


@chelsey1 lovely sentiment! I completely agree, positivity attracts positivity! :ok_hand:t2:

This lockdown has had a huge profound effect on me. Its made me realise what I truly love in my life- nature, :herb: family, friends, socialising, HUGGING :man:‍:family_woman_boy: for example.

It’s also made me realise what I don’t love, what brings me down and what I have to change in order to reach my full potential and peak happiness.

I’m now starting down a completely different career path :sparkles: I’m also journaling more, researching into Astrology, meditating more. I’ve rejoined the gym and I’m practicing 3 positives a day (write down 3 things that you’re grateful for or have happened today). :two_hearts:


I have been blessed during this time of chaos. It took some energy to not have survivors guilt but I have come to terms with it all.

  • No one in my family or group of friends has died from covid. :pray:
  • I took up Spanish and I am getting pretty good at reading and writing, although I need more help with the speaking and hearing parts. :sweat_smile:
  • I started learning Network+ and I passed the exam.
  • Yes, I am getting divorced, but I already have a “girlfriend” who is walking beside me on this journey. :heart: She is wiser than me and she won’t interfere with my decisions concerning my family because that is my path, not hers. She loves me and wants to be with me, but she also wants me to take time to heal. (She’s also open to the craft, encourages my new worship of The Goddess :full_moon:, and routinely reaches out to a trusted advisor for tarot readings.)
  • Which leads me to my last item: I joined Spells8, met you incredible people, and started unlocking the hidden light within me. I have seen and felt so many amazing things. The “skill” involved is learning to let the magic flow through me and not try to control it in any way.

Not much has changed for me as far as going out or socializing, I’m pretty much a loner to start with. I have realized that my boyfriend of almost 4 years is the biggest negativity in my life and has to go, but easier said than done.

I have also discovered this wonderful site and great people who I can share with so that’s a plus. I use to ridicule people who meditated and now here I am trying to do it every day as it calms me


Congratulations on learning Polish @BryWisteria! That sounds difficult. Glad you like the music from WOKE NATION. I usually use it to meditate. Its nice, isn’t it? ~HUGS~ You back. :purple_heart:


Divorce is no fun! I have been there, and I wish you the utmost luck!

I am relearning French! So cool that so many of you are learning languages!

I am glad that most of you have found the positive within the chaos! I find that sometimes the worst situation can be the most educational about ourselves, don’t you think?


Hi I’m Kaìda moon my new magic name…
My normal everyday name is Phyliss.
My symbol is Japanese for Chi
And I’ve learned that as well as all these things that I’m a soothsayer.
My totems are dog and cat.
My spirit totem is female and a half human half tiger.
My spirit protector and guide is Archangel Michael.
I’m a the beginning of this journey of divination.
Have the gift of discernment also.
I started my journey into the craft after the loss of my husband and it got stronger when my father died this past April. Then when lockdown hit through covid I began to allow myself to let what I’ve held in for so long embrace all that I am and now im in extreme shielding until November I can study alot more.

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Gosh, I am so sorry you have gone through so much death. I am glad you are using that pain to embrace who you are.
You certainly know a ton about who you are! I know I am a Tiger in Chinese horoscope, and that I agree with, I also agree with me being a Scorpio. I get associated with water signs, but I feel I am more fire. I certainly do not have a totem, or spirit protector yet. I am still learning who i am. :slight_smile:

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deep meditation and study not trying too hard helps … Your body, spirit and mind know what to do its unbelievable.
I’m Libra sometimes Virgo I was born on a full moon and my birthday falls right on the autumnal equinox. My planet is Mercury.
Chinese sign im a rat and elements are metal and water.

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Like many others on this thread, I’ve had a spiritual awakening and I’ve found my way here! :blush:

I’ve learned to say no to negativity, and yes to transformation, even if it means letting go of something that doesn’t serve me anymore :sparkles:
This isn’t my first time at this particular intersection, but maybe I’ll learn my lesson this time… :sweat_smile:

I’ve also learned about the power of intention… within magic and outside of it! Released from the structure of everyday life both by the pandemic and unemployment, falling into purposelessness is so easy and tempting, but… that’s a deep and dark abyss I now know to put some distance to!

I’ve also been learning a couple of languages, German and Latin! German for a practical purpose of maybe living in that country in the future, Latin more for the curiosity of it… I’ve always loved words and learning where they come from! Latin also feels like a language I have a connection to, maybe that’s something to look into… something to do with a past life, maybe! :smiley_cat:


It’s lovely to see that while this pandemic is horrible and has brought a lot of suffering, so many of you managed to use this difficult time in a positive manner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dizzy:

Polish does indeed sound difficult! Whenever I see a Polish word it seems to be made entirely out of consonants :laughing:

I’ve mainly been studying Korean; usually I have lessons once a week but with the lockdown it has been quite difficult. I’m also reading a Japanese novel at the moment - although that is less for language learning and more for my personal enjoyment. My work is mainly in Japanese, so it’s nice to not read business reports and lengthy emails written in keigo (polite Japanese) all the time :joy:

That’s amazing @CelestiaMoon! If you need any help with German let me know (I’m a native speaker) :smile: I also had Latin in school for like 7 years, but please don’t ask me anything about that :joy:


If you need help in french let me know, its my second language since early childhood