What to do when someone breaks your circle?

Hi, since i have a tight space where i live with 6 people in the house it is extremely hard to find just enough time for someone not to disturb me when i am casting a circle or even when i am performing a spell within my circle and sometimes someone will walk through my sacred space and break the whole vibe of my space making it feel negative. So my questions is what do i do when this happens? Do i close the circle and recast it or wait for another day? I cannot always guarantee that someone will not disturb me since all my family members call on me like a maid and pretty much can’t breathe if i am not around and i cannot simply ask them not to disturb me asides from my kids, since me practicing is a very very fragile topic and expressing too much of how much i believe in the craft ended up with my altar destroyed the last time… So i am asking what is the solution to broken circles?


Oh no!

I do not know the solution to your problem, but I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this. It sounds very frustrating. As a fellow mom, I understand being called on every 3 seconds and feeling like you can’t catch a break.

I personally cannot do spells or any sort of ritual work until the house is quiet and I know everyone is settled and occupied, and I will not be disturbed. Otherwise I can’t focus. So I wait til the little one is napping or everyone is in bed at nighttime!


@TheMuslimWitch hello sorry to hear your having some problems. Everyone does things differently so I’m not sure what will work for you. I personally don’t cast a circle very often and I do most of my work late at night when the house is quiet. Also having a routine helps when you have kids. For example with my son I did dinner with him, 30 min of play time then he got 30 min to watch his favorite show and I got 30 min of mommy witch time. It became part of his day just like bath story and bed. Hope this helps :blush:


I would think that closing it and re-casting it would make the most sense, but I also agree with @crystal24. Your kids will always need their mom, even when they are grown - I still talk to mine often. You might to see if there are some ways to gradually help your children to become at least a little more self-sufficient. Not completely, of course! They will always need you. At the same time, teaching our kids to be capable, responsible adults is good parenting and, from what little I know, also a value of the Islamic faith. Of course, how much you can do depends on their ages.

The Muslim mothers that I know are fiercely dedicated to their children…but also overworked. Remember to take care of yourself, too.


Thank you and yes out of the 4 at least the two older ones who are 10 and 11 can do things for themselves it is just when it comes to gaming time i am acting as the referee on whos turn it is since they can’t really go out due to covid unless i take them. Also my 10 year old loves to see what i do so as soon as i sit at my altar she will ask what i am doing how long i will take and comment that she is bored… I would have said closing and re-casting is what i would go with but to be honest i just closed the circle since i was already quite annoyed inside so i thought i’ll try again another time when i feel neutral and not so annoyed…


That sounds like a nice routine it is just hard getting all 4 kids to cooperate and as soon as one plays up the rest follow… As for witch time i will sit regardless even if that means i am following the lessons on spells8 and multi-tasking and will usually do this at night when all the main house work and other errands are done… The me time however is after 12pm at night when i open one of my new wicca or witchcraft books… Reading is my passion but i can only do so when it is quiet otherwise i miss too much in the book… :blush:


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch!

That’s a great question and you’ve got some wonderful advice :blush: I know @Zari asked a similar question in the past, so I’ll link to my response there.

If you do choose to use a circle, then I think that anything sacred laid with intent should also be removed with care and intent. I know this is easier said than done for those living in hectic environments with a lot going on! :sweat_smile:

It’s important to note that not all witches use circles. If you think that circles you cast are bound to be broken and this is causing bad energy in your space, then perhaps it’s mental to draw a mental circle just in your mind or forgo using circles (at least for the time being).

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will sure you will find something that works for you and your practice! :pray: Blessed be!


Thank you and i think i just need to cast a circle at a better time such as when i am sure that no one will come… Then again i can’t read everyone’s minds so it maybe difficult for it not to be broken… I will read into casting a circle in my mind a bit more and see what feels right. Thank you for the advice :blush:


I used to cast circles all the time, but now I only do so during esbats and sabbats.
As an alternative, I like to visualize orange and yellow flames (dragon’s fire) coming from the center of my chest and surrounding my entire body, burning away any negative energies that get too close. That way, I don’t have to worry about anyone or anything breaking my circle.


That sounds like a nice alternative as all i want to do really is protect my self from negative energy… I might give that ago if it gets too busy here


I read once that very young children and pets do not “count” as breaking the circle when they enter and leave. That makes a lot of sense to me but I suppose it is how you feel the energy is working or whether you sense it has been disrupted that counts. I cut doors in my circle sometimes when I forget something I need and seal it back when I return. Slugs enter my circle when I cast outside and I see them as guests :slight_smile: but little kids, I don’t know.