What to do when you wanna work with crystals but you haven't an idea

Crystals are not only remarkably beautiful but posses healing properties. I don’t blame you for wanting to learn more about these precious gems. So, I’ll help you out with some ideas to work with your crystals. :gem::+1:

1) Cleanse/Charge/Activate there are many, many ways to do this. I’ll add a link for doing this step. I’d suggest to cleanse your crystals once a month. How to Cleanse Crystals: 10 Ways, Plus Tips for Charging, Activating

2) Get to know your crystal:
My favorite way of doing this is by rubbing your hands together to activate the palm chakras to feel the amplified effect of the crystal energy. Keep the stone on your person for at least a few days (or more) and see if you feel it’s vibration. Sleep with it under your pillow, selenite is a favorite to sleep with. Meditation is definitely a recommendation for getting closer to your crystal!

4) Get magical with it!
Use crystals in spells: in a spell jar/bag, candle spell, etc. I love adding crystal chips to my candles!

5)Also: you could place water safe stones in plants so the plants can get the effects of the stones property. Otherwise, you may make crystal grids, place them around your home, office, sacred space, etc in a way that aligns with your intention.

6) Repeat and Buy more Crystals!
And be creative! :grin:


Since about June I have really neglected my crystals. I’m hoping to get the bulk of them out for the full moon :full_moon: this month & getting back into my routine.

Such a chaotic time for me over the past… almost 6 months. It explains the Tower card I was getting that was fuzzy in meaning at the time. Those readings make so much more sense now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve recently realised how much I’ve been neglecting certain aspects of my practice - included in that is my crystal work - so this post comes at a really good time for me, thanks @christina4! :sparkles: :heartpulse:


Thats one thing with you @C4 you always tend to pop-up the right time with great information and guide lines on crystals , especially when I need it most :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you so much for sharing.


Thank you! I enjoyed reading it!

I would like to add: another great way to program a crystal is by verbally telling it what you want it to do. Extremely effective in my experience.


Oh yes, how could I forget? I do that too when i need it asap.


Great tips and suggestions! Thank you


One of my best “centering” and relaxing activities is to sit in a chair in my garden on a moonlit night. With crystals in my lap, I touch them, getting to know everything about them – I imagine that if this crystal was lost, the universe might be able to recreate it from my memory of it. At different times, I’m drawn to different crystals, so I focus on those while I have my “visit” with them. I find that after I have done this, the crystals are more a part of me and my life … they’re friends I can pick up and reacquaint myself with over and over. Comforting might be the word I’m searching for.


Comforting is a great word! I just had a re-aquantince with a nice clear quartz yesterday and I feel lighter with my tooth pain because he took it from me and sent it it out to the universe to deal with. (That’s why healers use crystal points, to point the energy in a certain direction).

I’m glad you do that with your crystals!


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can also make crystal elixirs or perform a crystal healing session on someone or yourself.


Yes, I made a post on that because they’re are toxic crystal. The direct method and indirect. Not all crystals can get wet. But good thinking!!!