☑ What Type of Witch Are You? Coven Roll Call and POLL!

Is there such a thing as a Panentheistic witch?

I love working with crystals and shiny things (Magpie here for sure!)
The moon holds great power over my soul
The elements are beautiful in their own right
Herbs and plants thrive under my care
Animals and I have some really awesome conversations
Astral travel and claire-s are part of my daily life like breathing
The practice/craft is a religion for me
The old ways make more sense probably due to their simplicity
The Goddess/God are interchangeable based on the need/want or goal
Each version of the “grouping” has something to offer everyone if it is sought after.

Just my view…


Hmm I like the depends on the day category :smile:


Based on what I practice, I am an eclectic, neopagan, hedgewitch. I practice hedgewitchcraft to feel closer connected to the divine: gods, goddesses, elves and animal spirits.


I do include herbs, crystals and lunar cycles as an important aspect of my practice, but I identify as a neopagan hedgewitch :blush:


Hello and welcome to the forum :infinite_roots: @mathilde
I like the way you have described hedge witchcraft. That makes a lot of sense to me! So now I am wondering if I should add “hedge” to my long list as an eclectic witch. Hmmm :thinking:
Love :heart: always :infinity:


Well, marsha, a hedgewitch is someone who travels beyond the veil and beyond their chakras, aswell as other’s chakras. They communicate with spirits and entities, face to face, aswell as with their higher self. Visualisation is the trick and must be mastered before you can do this. Some do it in groups, while others only solitary. Groups are helpful, because one can use tools, like the drum, while the other one relax and visualise.
I am taught by a hypnotherapist, so I have been in hypnosis to master this. If you feel this is what you are, then use the word. Nobody really teaches hedge witchcraft online, the same way green witches do. You just have to meet them. I realised this was hedge witchcraft, when I had done it. They usually call themselves clairovoyant witches and energy workers


@mathilde im a hedge too. Nice to meet u and welcome. Happy to meet another hedge here. Others, not here, always liked to call me a green witch and i was like noooooooo im a hedge. Just like i had a teacher who swore i was wiccan bc she was. Nope.