☑ What Type of Witch Are You? Coven Roll Call and POLL!

Merry meet!

Coven members represent so many wonderful traditions and areas of expertise- it made me wonder, what types of witches are most common? How many types of witches are there out there? :thinking:

It’s time for a coven roll call!

Art by Unknown: shared on Pinterest

Types of Witches :open_book:

For those unfamiliar with (or could use a refresher on!) some types of witches, here is some more information about some of the general and most commonly listed types of witches.

Nine Types of Witches: Which Witch Are You?

The 3 Types of Witches (No-Nonsense) and YouTube video:

Please know that these videos (as well as the following poll) are not comprehensive- there are as many possible types of witches as there are witches out there!

What Type of Witch Are You?

You can choose multiple options!

If you don’t see a label you identify with, please choose “Other- Comment below” and share in the comments

I identify as a ____ witch/practitioner
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Sea/Ocean
  • Green
  • Eclectic
  • Kitchen
  • White/Wholesome Magick
  • Black/Baneful Magick
  • Classical
  • Gothic
  • Neopagan
  • Wiccan
  • Hedge
  • Traditional
  • Secular (non-religious)
  • Religious
  • Other - comment below!
  • None - I prefer not to have a label

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No matter what area(s) of the Craft you most strongly identify with and regardless of any label(s) or lack-thereof you like to wear, thanks for being a member of the Spells8 coven! :infinite_roots: :heart:

Bonus funny picture for those who read to the end

Art by c0y0te7: Types of Witches

Much love and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Of all the badges I have, I cling to my Word Witch label! LOL!


LOL SANDWICH :slight_smile: , so cute! :sandwich:


Draconic Wiccan, or in Dovahzul DovseWuthrahnu (Draconic Pagan).


Eclectic art witch :blush:


Eclectic green witch with strong ties to animals and birds. No idea how that’s classified!


Gem Witch!

(Or maybe Jem Witch? I do consider myself truly outrageous … truly, truly, truly outrageous…)


I chose “None” because if I label myself I end up confining myself to that particular label :laughing: I do a lot of different types of things so that “None” label tends to work well for me.

Also that art is :pinched_fingers: perfect!


Eclectic, wholesome practitioner (Magic Man).

I tend toward Celtic ideas and nature, especially trees, but explore magic in general.


Uhmmm… :thinking:
I kind of like the idea of being a “Sand Witch!” on a nice warm beach somewhere…
All this thinking is making me hungry!
I know I think I have a “sandwich!” :rofl:


Yay! Someone else who watched that toon! LOL!


I still identify as a solitary eclectic witch. I don’t like labels and since this tradition-based life’s work is so broad, I’m happy with the even broader ‘title’ of eclectic, solitary Witch.’ I love all positive actions.
The wonder of this pole is that you can don’t have to wear one hat. Many times your practice can change for many reasons. A change of interest in your journey. Maturity. Life. The wonder of witchcraft is that the more it stays the same, the more it changes you.


Thank you to everyone who has voted and commented so far! And apologies to anyone who didn’t see one/some of their labels listed by name in the poll- there are so many areas out there, it quickly became impossible to include all of them by name! :bowing_woman: Thank you to those who shared theirs via comment :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It looks like just about every category that was listed has been chosen at least once- it is so interesting to see which labels/classifications/areas of magick are represented in the coven so far! :grinning: :infinite_roots:


I love the word ‘ sand witch’ :smile:


At first I chose none, because I don’t want to be labeled and I use all kinds of different tools I picked up during the years that past me by but I guess that s eclectic too. I love every badge I earned so far, maybe some day I like to choose one for a longer time, but for now I like to taste every one of them.


I don’t even remember what I voted, lol. I honestly could identify as many of these, When people ask I usually say eclectic pagan green witch. I follow a patched together pagan spiritual practice of aspect that work for me. The craft I mostly perform is green witchcraft, although kitchen witchery is creeping up there pretty fast. I also love divination, and astrology, and crystals, and…the list could go on. :joy: :joy: :joy: What I’ve found is what I label myself as really depends on who I’m talking to. People in the mundane usually get a “I’m pagan” with no further explanation while those within the pagan or craft community I will give more details.


I choose None, as I still have no idea :rofl: I thought I was a kitchen witch but I keep discovering that I am intrested in other types as well, like sea witchcraft, tarrot, crystals etc so i think it is better not to put a lebel on it :woman_shrugging:t2:


I am also a Lunar Witch…Mother Moon is my everything:)


LOL I chose wiccan, but if we had to label it and when I look back and my 20 or so years of this path I would go with neopagan, eclectic wicca, that practices witchcraft. I agree with the duotheistic idea but work with deities from different pantheons ( I guess that is the eclectic part)


I chose none as well as I am all figuring things out and I too don’t like labels. Eclectic is probably where I will end up as that is the category of most freedom to choose multiple paths. There should be a ‘depends on the day’ category :joy::joy:.
Of course, being one who has the ability to overthink things :wink:, I do wonder if it is better I choose a path , learn that and then study a different path. Maybe I will learn more that way rather than jumping into anything to try.

Great poll. Thank you.