Nine Types of Witches: Which Witch are You? ⭐

It is human nature to want to label your witchcraft. Since the dawn of humanity, we have given labels to everything, so why should witchcraft be any different? Your witchcraft can have a label depending on the way you practice. Below, I have listed the most common labels as well as an explanation.


Wiccan Witch

A Wiccan Witch is someone who practices witchcraft within the confines of Wicca. They follow the Wiccan Rede and call upon the Lord and Lady when doing spellwork and ritual. A Wiccan Witch can be a witch initiated into one of the many different Wiccan traditions or a solitary neo-Wiccan.

Traditional Witch

A Traditional Witch is someone who practices witchcraft within their folklore or “old tradition”. These traditions and folklore practices generally pre-date Wicca and vary depending on the area that the particular witch lives in and their ancestry.

Green Witch

A Green Witch is someone who uses plants in their witchcraft. They may use herbs and spices in their spellwork, or they may grow a garden. Their witchcraft is predominantly focused around nature and the plants it offers. They feel closest to their witchcraft and practice when they are close to nature.

Hedge Witch

A Hedge Witch is someone who walks the hedges of reality. Their witchcraft involves travel between worlds, and they practice communication between this world and others regularly. They are called hedge witches because of the ease with which they “cross the hedge” from the physical to the astral. Hedge Witches may practice astral projection and be adept at divination and spirit communication.


Kitchen Witch

A Kitchen Witch is someone whos witchcraft is mainly focused in the kitchen. Kitchen Witches cook their magick, imbuing magical spells, herbs, and potions with the culinary arts. Most kitchen witchcraft is associated with healing and protection, and kitchen witches use the tools at their disposal and their energy to create their magick.

Sea Witch

A Sea Witch is someone who draws power from the ocean. They feel closer to their witchcraft when by the sea, and they may be more affected by the phases of the moon. Sea witches feel connected to the element of water and may use salt water, sand, and seashells in their magick. They may also enjoy singing or music, as the sea is often associated with the myths of the Sirens.

Secular Witch

A Secular Witch is one who practices any form of witchcraft outside the confines of a religion or spiritual practice.


Religious Witch

A Religious Witch is the opposite of a secular witch. A Religious Witch is someone who practices witchcraft within the confines of their religion, whatever that may be.

Eclectic Witch

An Eclectic Witch is one who draws on the many different traditions, practices, and spiritualities available to them to craft an individualized belief system. They do not follow any particular tradition and they tend to make their own rules.

Do you fall into any of these categories? Where do you think you fall?

It’s okay if you fall into more than one, or none of them! Keep in mind that labels are what you make them, and labeling your craft is not necessary.


Love this! I found these videos on Youtube a while ago from “Magickians”. She made 2 videos on types of witches. I love how there’s such a variety :slight_smile:


Those are wonderful videos and I agree that there is such a variety! I always have to remind myself that, even though the labels exist, it isn’t something I have to adhere to 100%. I practice a bit of kitchen magick, a bit of religious magick, and at least a bit of green magick.


Secular and electric


I believe I’m eclectic green :green_heart::black_heart::green_heart::black_heart::green_heart::black_heart::green_heart:


I feel like I am a Wiccan Witch that is solitary for right now but would want to possibly be in a coven.


That’s great! There are also Wiccan traditions that allow to be initiated as a Solitary, even though it’s the most common way to do it is with a coven.

I made a video about the main 3 types of witches:

And here’s a video explaining different types of Wiccan Witches:


@SilverBear I definitely embrace the greener side of witchcraft as well :sunflower:

@alpha There’s nothing wrong with being solitary! Although, if you wish to join a coven, I wish you luck in finding one that works well for you!


Thank you :slight_smile: Me and my sibling were almost thinking about starting one of our own but we have to talk about that more :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about starting my own coven, too. But I’m a mom and I just don’t have the time to run a coven lol


Hmm I am a solitary-work alone, eclectic-do my own thing, wiccan-follow the rede and other things witch-love and incorporate the old ways as much as possible. …


Just read your article, how nice, I of course am an Eclectic solitary. Great explanations. :smiley_cat:


Thank you :heart: I am also an eclectic solitary witch :woman_mage:


I’d say I’m Solitary Draconic Wiccan Witch. :grin:


@MeganB- I am a green, kitchen & ecclectic witch.
Although still in nappies :joy:.
Thank you


How marvelous to get your dragon in there, LOL Stephanie89


You’re right! I never like to box myself in, but I do seem to want to label myself. I am a nice contradiction :smiley: I think from what’s listed, I’d fall more in line with Eclectic and I am comfortable with that.


What a wonderful individual you are!


I am an eclectic witch.


Old post, I know. But I’m not about to start a new one when it’s already here.

I’m more of a Shamanic Witch, however I self-title that more to a Phsychonautic Witch as a shaman to me is more a medicine leader in a tribe, and I am no tribal leader and this can easily lead to cultural appropriation if not careful with your methods.

The practices I use include occult and esoteric. Including symbolism, philosophers stone, egyptian freemasonry symbolism and so forth, and even nudity as part of rituals in opening ceremonies in my chamber.

I induce altered states of consciousness in my methods of divination, scrying and for sending will and thought into the aether. I enter deep consciousness and work with what are known as Machine Elves.

I suppose I would fit closer into an Alexandrian Witch, however, they believe that to be one you must be initiated by one in the relevant degree - I am yet to find one. And I much prefer working solitary due to how esoteric my personal practices are.

I’ve self-initiated into 3 degrees of my own esoteric findings using ritual and ceremony including experiencing death and rebirth (complete ego dissolution) through induced altered states of consciousness.