How do you know what type of witch you are?

Using labels such as “Kitchen Witch” or “Sea Witch” early on can be a double-edged sword:

  • :+1: On the one hand, it can help you connect with other witches who have the same leanings and interests as you, learning from them and sharing your wisdom with them.

  • :-1: On the other hand, you run the risk of being boxed in, limiting yourself to practices to a specific realm and not exploring outside of it.

There is an infinite number of “types of witches” as shown in this topic: 100 types of witches?! and also more general categories as MeganB explains here: 9 Types of Witches. However, if you’re serious about Witchcraft and Paganism, I recommend you to watch this video: The 3 No-Nonsense Types of Witches.

I personally identify with the Neopagan label and as an Eclectic Witch, which simply means that I follow my intuition and do whatever works for me or brings me the desired result. So I can combine different rituals as I see fit, for example sigils, Tarot reads, crystal Magic, and all sorts of spells.

Don’t feel like you need to label yourself right now. But if you want to focus on one Elemental, I recommend starting with the Element that rules your zodiac sign:

Talking about the Zodiac and Witches, you may also find it useful Working with the Moon Transits, a type of Lunar Magic. :first_quarter_moon:

For those who are still confused about the differences between Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism, I made a useful post: Are Wicca and Paganism the Same?

I hope it helps!