How do you know what type of witch you are?

How do you know what type which you are becoming or by the skills you were born with? I have the craft a premonition and for a long time I stopped it and wouldn’t use it and now I’m having to learn how to reuse it again. But I’ve also learned that I have other skills as well. What if some of your skills dealt with all the elements? They just haven’t been perfected.


Using labels such as “Kitchen Witch” or “Sea Witch” early on can be a double-edged sword:

  • :+1: On the one hand, it can help you connect with other witches who have the same leanings and interests as you, learning from them and sharing your wisdom with them.

  • :-1: On the other hand, you run the risk of being boxed in, limiting yourself to practices to a specific realm and not exploring outside of it.

There is an infinite number of “types of witches” as shown in this topic: 100 types of witches?! and also more general categories as MeganB explains here: 9 Types of Witches. However, if you’re serious about Witchcraft and Paganism, I recommend you to watch this video: The 3 No-Nonsense Types of Witches.

I personally identify with the Neopagan label and as an Eclectic Witch, which simply means that I follow my intuition and do whatever works for me or brings me the desired result. So I can combine different rituals as I see fit, for example sigils, Tarot reads, crystal Magic, and all sorts of spells.

Don’t feel like you need to label yourself right now. But if you want to focus on one Elemental, I recommend starting with the Element that rules your zodiac sign:

Talking about the Zodiac and Witches, you may also find it useful Working with the Moon Transits, a type of Lunar Magic. :first_quarter_moon:

For those who are still confused about the differences between Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism, I made a useful post: Are Wicca and Paganism the Same?

I hope it helps!


A witch is a witch is a witch is a witch. Each of us do different things, and they do categorize witches to certain “brands” but all in all, we are all the same, just do our path a little differently.


I definitely agree with @roxanne here. You don’t need to be a specific type of witch and, in my experience, the labels that witches give themselves are simply there to help them stand apart in the sea of other witches to help find like-minded individuals within the same larger community.


Thank you for your help


I’ve been working with the fire element because I’m a Sagittarius. Which is something new for me. I’ve been meditating I’m trying to learn as much as possible thank you for your help


δουλευω με το στοιχειο της Γης και της Φωτιας τα νοιωθω ποιο κοντα μου πολυ ομορφο αρθρο ευχαριστω


Translation into English through Google Translate

I work with the elements of Earth and Fire, I feel them, which is close to me, very beautiful article, thank you


I dont think there is any need to label yourself as a particular type of witch, unless the work involved with that label is all you do. I think people delve into different areas of the craft from time to time, myself included. I use astrology, stars and planets but also candles, herbs and oils. I also use tarot and runes. All very eclectic and interdisciplinary… maybe that makes me an interdisciplinary witch :smiley::woman_mage:


Nice! I don’t tend to work much with Earth, but Fire is an element I use a lot in my practice. As for connections, I’m most connected to Water :ocean:

I feel like this too :blush: I’ve got some labels that work for me but they’re just descriptors at this point :woman_shrugging: If I label myself too much then it sticks me in this invisible box that it’s hard to get out of.


I would say that I am a little bit of all of them. I love to make spells and do spells and write my own spells . And according to this chart my element is Earth , But i also agree with @roxanne @MeganB at the end of the day i believed that we are all the same . :slight_smile:


After being a partof Spells8 & the forum for almost 3 years now :thinking: WOW :star_struck:

I’ve gone through so many changes & finding what feels right. Although my oractice ia highly Irish Celtic :triquetra:, there are some sort of add ons I guess or enhancements to my practice as well.

So I’ve gone from a label or type to just… I’m a witch. :rofl:


I would say i agree . I just happy to be going back to my witchcraft and i am happy to be making spells . I am not really sure what witch i am happy with . :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m just happy doing what feels right & aligns with my practice. So witch fits just perfect for me :smiling_face:

While there are many things I am interested, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are something I actively work on or with, I just like to learn about things & the differences & similarities plus how others may connect with them or work with them.

I do love & work with crystals. I’m working more herbs into my practice as I learn different things about them & have taken courses to be certified in a few things that really are a large part of my practice. I’m a certified Advanced Crystal Practitioner. I’ve taken basic astrology courses. Currently I’m working on being a Certified Tarot Advisor.

That had started with a class on Intuitive Tarot, which includes resources to help build your intuition as a whole really.