What was your experience when you met your deity?

I know that some people don’t follow a specific deity, sometimes people follow more than one. However, for those of you that follow a specific deity—what was your experience when you first met them?

For the longest time, I was obsessed with mythology but always Hades and Persephone. About three weeks ago I went to my usual restaurant on Saturdays close to where I work (I’m a colorist) and for some reason I /had/ to have this small jar of pure Greek honey. I’ve never felt so drawn to something. Of course, I bought it and was like maybe I’ll use it for spells. Fast forward to two days ago. I had inquired about who my deity was to a fellow tarot reader and she said Persephone.

I hadn’t realize just how much I relate to her on so many levels. She apparently loves honey (Greek Honey) the irony. So I did some resarch, bought a tarot deck just for her (I have quite a few) and spoke to her tonight. I was so emotional. Not in a bad way but almost like hope? But she’s very stern and honest but sweet. Anyway, I just wanted to share and see how other people’s deity experienced went.


My first experience was with Danu, and it occurred while in a deep meditation. I was aware that she is the Irish mother of the Tuatha de Danann, but knew little else. She helped me release grief and pain. To be honest, it kind of freaked me out, but since I have found her to be incredibly compassionate.

My second experience was with Hekate, also in a deep meditation. I had been seeing references to her and what seemed to be signs. Did some research, including a video in which a guy said, “If you have questions about whether she is calling you, she probably is.” I set as my intention during the meditation to ask her if she was calling me. Cutting to the chase, during the meditation (eyes closed) I saw an image of a silhouetted rider, who dismounted the horse. The horse morphed into a giant dog and the the robed figure, clearly female, stepped toward me and stretched out her hand to me. There weren’t words, but there was the message “come.”

Hekate can be stern, but also instructive. She is ancient and there are several periods of different characterization of her. From early mother goddess to goddess of the dead, the experience of her depends on which time period you view her through and the details of your work with her. She does not sugar coat anything. Some are afraid of her, but these fears are what you bring with you. There is no need to fear her.

It’s a lttle strange that this post comes into my view right now. I am learning more about Hades and Persephone!


I wrote about my experience Here


I love that for you! The complexity of their dynamic just resonates with me so much.

I love how Frigg was just like hey now, you’re going to listen to me now. Lol

You should! They’re fascinating.


I have 5 that I work with and each has their own story. My favorite though is Aphrodite’s. We go to this tiny beach town called Matagorda to go fishing and visit the beach. I’ve always either gone on the boat with the guys or read a book in a chair under the canopy (pale-skinned Irish so I burn very quickly even with sunblock, lol). Well, last summer I got a sudden urge to start combing the beach for seashells and such. I would walk along picking ones up and putting them back down. Every now and then if pick one up, “Mine” would pop into my head. At the time I thought it was just My mind saying to keep it. This continues the whole weekend we are there. I ended up with quite a few shells of all kinds, but not thinking much of it.

We get back home and in doing the grocery pick up order and I order roses. This was when I KNEW someone was reaching out. I hate cut flowers. Putting the roses and shells together, I had a suspicion it was Aphrodite. I did a meditation where I reached out and asked if she was contacting me. And the rest is history. I was shocked because I’ve been researching and trying to reach out to Celtic deities since I’m Irish/Scottish but the Greeks decided I’m theirs. :smile:


I’m not sure if my deity even has a name or if She’s Gaia or what. I got very maternal vibes off of her. I had a dream before I took up my paganism again where She was dressed in a pink sweatshirt and mom jeans of all things and was bringing me bread and milk and putting it on my counter.

And I was all like, I don’t eat that! And She said, if you don’t talk to me, don’t ask me for what you need, how am I to know? And I woke up.

I truly believe it was the Lady and She was kicking me in the butt, kindly but gently, to get me back on my path. I haven’t looked back since.


I currently work solely with Brigid and actually did an entire video on my experiences with her that’s…well, it’s actually outdated now so I should redo it :laughing: but anyway, I was called to Brigid through my crafting work and because I’ve got some healing I need to do. One thing that Brigid is known for is putting her devotees and followers on the anvil, pounding the gunk out, and reshaping us for what she needs, wants, or what we need.

That’s basically been the sum of my experience. It’s been intense, it’s been touch and go sometimes, but she’s always there.

I’m also learning about another deity right now but he’s more on the peripheral of my vision and not in my main focus right now.