What will happen if i don't release energy?

Hi everyone, so i think i already know the answer to this question, but i have another follow up question as a result to this first one.

So my question is, what happens if i don’t release energy? I always thought i had to retain it as in if i release it i am ‘getting rid’ of my own magick so i would bottle all the energy up and even at the end of a spell or ritual or even meditation will save it all up. In saying this, i have been feeling sleepy, hopeless, and sometimes feeling other very serious thoughts which i feel are triggering my depression.

In addition, my next question is if i release energy do i still have my magick? I mean i know this is a dumb question and i still feel my magick within me, but i am worried i am giving it away by releasing energy… :thinking:

So how am i retaining my magick if i am releasing energy? I think i have skipped a crucial part of learning in my journey to the craft as i am confused. I mean i sound so selfish wanting all the magick to stay within me and not give something back, but i mean i do release a bit when i ground only to feel i am ‘raising’ energy straight back then retaining it. I can feel it and i think it is doing more harm than good ultimately leaving me drained and feeling i don’t have magick left in me if that makes sense thanks to me feeling exhausted (i don’t do spells often as i feel there is more to my craft than this point alone although it plays an important part i tend to embrace many aspects of the craft to such as nature as an example)…

I know i can’t just become magickless overnight, but sometimes i am overthinking it and i feel this way…

Help :blush: :heart:


Think of energy as like the breath. We draw in fresh energy all the time, and then we have to release the old. Maybe work on your grounding and centering. That may help.

Good luck!


The energy does have a cumulative factor.
Think of yourself as a pressure cooker. Sometimes, when the pressure of life gets to be too much, you need to release your ‘pressure valve’ to avoid a tragic explosion.
Try walking, running, meditation, or even concentrating on ‘you’ and your overabundance of energy.
As far as damaging your energy? Can’t happen. It’s like fat cells. At birth, you have a certain # and that doesn’t change. Your fat cells expand, causing weight gain. If you lose weight, you’ve shrunk the size of the cells. But the # is still the same, no change there.

Energy (stress) is something you can release with physical activity. You may get tired but you will also regain your strength. Try meditation to release stress in your chakras. Gather it, until you reach the crown chakra, and while it is open? Like a balloon, releasing air, release the Stress you have gained, which should help you feel less stressed.
Hang in there, after looking at your life, I can see why you are filled with stress.
You are a young woman with lots of kids, a demanding man, and a life that is always in high gear. I’m out of breath thinking about it.
Khadija honey,
You’re a better woman than I am. I fear, I’d run screaming as I pulled out my hair. haha
Blessed be and stay strong
One great big Garnet hug.
Sending love and endurance.


Energy needs to be released to prevent a buildup. When I don’t release my energy, I can get more restless and anxious (which explains why being stuck at work all afternoon can be hard, sometimes :grimacing:).
Like Garnet and Amethyst suggested, I would try grounding mediations as well as meditations to cleanse your chakras. There was a recent post on going outside because nature is healing. Going for a walk, gardening, etc. is a great way to release excessive energy.


Thank you i know i lack in this area and even though i do, it tends to go over my head which is strange as i know it is crucial to feeling centred. :blush:


Oh you have no idea i have this mental image quite often, but it is the little things that make it all worth while.
In regards to meditation or taking a walk, i have notice i don’t meditate as much s i should and maybe the lack of privacy is an issue. I am worried sometimes when i do that i will be seen by my partner and like most things he will think i am summoning some entity even though i haveexplained to him what is is, so of fear of not being able to practice at all if he puts his foot down, i do things in parts. For example i love the nature walk on the bike trail and try to do it as much as i can. It doesn’t help my partner doesn’t want me to do alone because as soon as i bring one of the kids they aaare either screaming they are tired or acting as if they were in the sahara desert so no relaxinng there and he won’t even comme even though i begged.

Anyways (takes a breath) i am trying and for now i think this is the best i can do… Its like weight as you mentioned but in my case instead of going for that all green smoothy i take out the sweets thanks to habit… I think these things either need time or a massive push and the last option will cause some hard times if i do only adding to my stress.

Oh @Garnet you are always so caring and i feel guilty just thinking you are thinking about me and my situation…
May you always find the light and love you so dearly deserve my sweet soul :people_hugging: :blush: :heart:


This i can relate to it make me feel so centred and calm if i can do it alone… It is like i couldn’t be in a better place that i feel so much at home… Talking of nature and turning this depressing post around :laughing: The other day i was walking around doing what mums do, and i had a little spider hanging off my head for who knows how long, and it was my daughter who said “mum there is a spider hanging off you” so she caught it by the strand of single web that it was hanging off and i took it and let it run off lol. Don’t know what to make of that whether to be happy nature loves me so or that it is a sign of bad luck?? But as i see it all nature is beautiful so i am just happy it chose me to be a short lived host lol :blush:


The energy you carry with you is not your magic, nor will it ever be your magic.

When it comes time to release any pent up energy you have, all you’re doing is opening yourself up and letting that out so you don’t “explode”, so to speak. When you need energy for a spell, you raise energy through movement, breathing, etc. It’s perfectly normal for your energy to fluctuate. It’s also perfectly normal to need to ground and release some of that energy.


Thanks this helps really. I am so glad I get the energy side of things now as I was getting the two confused. So does this mean every human being is essentially magickal except some choose to embrace it or are aware of it hence identify as a witch, and others don’t know or choose to reject the idea completely?:thinking:


That’s exactly how I’ve understood it! :blush: We all do magick all the time, setting intentions, gathering and directing energy, working with deities and correspondences, it comes naturally as breathing, and that’s kind of what it is, breathing with the Universe :hugs: :milky_way: Some of us just do it more consciously, that’s where witchcraft and other forms of magickal practice come in :sparkles:


Yes, that’s exactly how I see it! Well, maybe?

Okay, so the way I view it is that everyone has the capability to learn magic and witchcraft. The magic is outside of us and within us, so we all have the inherent capability to cast spells and work with the energy around us. Energy is different than magical ability, in my opinion. And some people will naturally be better at witchcraft than others because it’s a skill that gets practiced, if that makes sense? :laughing:

I realize it can get a bit complicated, especially when trying to explain how I think it works. But essentially yes, everyone can be a witch!


Your energy is just a part of you. Letting it go doesn’t take away your magic. I’ve found that if I don’t find an outlet for my energy, I tend to go all splodey, which usually doesn’t end well for me.
It can be as gentle as giving it to a flower, or as explosive as a screaming fit of fury. Only you can decide how to let it go. But sometimes you have to let it go.


@lilysmiles @MeganB @CelestiaMoon thank you this helps a lot I thought that was how it worked but didn’t want to sound clueless :blush:


Beautiful synchronicity related to this thread :blush:

I had my biweekly therapy session yesterday. Besides the usual talking about things my therapist is specialized in dance and movement therapy, and includes it in her sessions as she can see that the body always plays a part too in everything we do.

So she put on some music and instructed me to dance as if I’m letting go of things that don’t serve me, deeply rooted in my body and the moment. She danced along as she does. I ended up teaching her a new dance move that felt very intuitive to her too, which was shaking off excess energy, or throwing it away with a sharp motion

I told her how we pick up energy around us either unconsciously or because we need it for something, and then we sometimes hang on to it. She asked me if it’s hard for me to let go of it, I told her that it isn’t, as there’s always an infinite supply available. For me it’s more like an absent minded realization that oops, where did all this energy come from! :sweat_smile:

We also talked about the usefulness of empty space, how it can receive and resonate. I quoted her some Lao Tzu, about how the usefulness of a cup comes from the empty space it provides.

She isn’t a witch, but she was there when I got into witchcraft. She seems to have an intuitive understanding for energy, both in and out of the body. We’ve taught each other so much, and I love her dearly. :heart:


You are very welcome! There is never a need to fear sounding clueless – even if you don’t know an answer to what sounds like a silly question, the only bad question is the one that is left unanswered.

Your therapist sounds like an amazing person! I love that you are that comfortable with your therapist. I mean, in a perfect world, everyone would be comfortable with their therapist but that isn’t always the case.

Anyway, if I could get over my personal issues around dance, I think I would enjoy dancing off excess energy and throwing it away like you described!


Oh she really is and I feel blessed to have her, not just as a therapist but as a soul guide really :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m very much questioning that kind of therapeutic relationship, it sounds more harmful than helpful to be honest. Mutual trust and respect makes the basis for it. Without that there can be no real opening up.

I hope you can, it’s such a wonderful release :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If it helps, you can lock the door and close the curtains, that’s what I do sometimes when I want to keep my performances private :smile: :heart:


I feel the same with my therapist, too! And I agree, if you can’t trust your therapist then there’s no point in talking to them. No mutual respect can exist there and then, in my opinion, no help and healing can happen!

haha maybe one day? I get super self-conscious even when alone and I end up feeling ridiculous. It’s definitely a me-issue that I need to work on. One thing at a time, though! :laughing:


It’s definitely a useful life skill to let yourself feel like a complete fool and do the thing anyway :laughing: Everything at our own pace though, in and out of therapy :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


Hi @TheMuslimWitch, I understand your confusion. I was reading one book that told me I had to build my inner magick, picture it as mine and then release it out into an item I wanted to enchant, or release my inner magick into the ether. That freaked me out. I felt it was very wrong to release my inner magick as I saw it as depleting me. So, I didn’t keep reading the book as I decided I disagreed with it :wink: …eventually I may go back to it.

I do believe that energy is in all things and that we are all connected, so I am good with allowing energy to flow through me like when I was doing a healing session. So for me I guess this is still a disconnect as I don’t add the power of me to the mix, just let the light flow through me. That is good in a way but maybe it also stands in the way of me having more powerful magic spells and healing sessions. It is a rabbit hole I have not fully gone down yet.

I do like to build an energy ball between my hands and feel it grow. I have played catch with energy balls with a friend. That was interesting. But I didn’t feel I was getting rid of my magick at that time. I think because I let it build and then saw it as excess. Excess is good to get rid of. I also wasn’t casting a spell at that time. However, now that I am writing this, I think I will be more intentional about building the energy first and then allow that to be put into the spell.

Balancing your energies is a release of excess energy.

Prayer is a form of meditation. As you are balancing between being a witch and Muslim, maybe you can find the peace you seek in prayer. Your husband wouldn’t object as much either. It is all energy and it is all intention. So for me prayer/spell/intention is the same. Although I have moved away from the dogma of the Christian church, I have found solace in repeating the Hail Mary or Guardian Angel prayer over and over again in worrisome situations.

I have a bit of understanding of the chaos you may be experiencing, I have two young teenage boys who are loving arguing with me and a husband with a short fuse. I don’t think an hour goes by at home without some sort of issue. So from what I have seen here, you are amazing, and talented and wonderful. I am so glad you asked this question as I have had it too.

May your journey be ever blessed!!


You have an amazing therapist that is so wonderful. Your attitude is amazing!!

I like to imagine the excess energy draining off of me like water of a duck’s back. But the sharp movement dance sounds like fun! …but since I know me, I would like hit someone while doing it or knock something over. I have an amazing talent for clumsiness! LOL

I like empty space. My mother has always told me if you want to bring something to you or to shift how we are approaching things, then we should ‘create the void’.