When doing candle work

My altar is in my room and sometimes I will have friends in my room while my candles are going can they interfere with any work that I am trying to do ? Should I not have people around when my candles are going to work ?


This is a wonderful question. the answer is dependent on you and your feelings about others seeing or knowing about your craft. As well as how well you trust your friends to listen to you or to not bring into your home negative energies. At the same time, there are ways to protect your work from negative energies. Your main course of action is always to trust your instincts If you feel something off with your friend then snuff the candle and relight it later.

To protect your work you can do any of the following.

  1. Cast a small circle just around your alter locking it in a protective barrier from any and all negative energies. Do this prior to your friends coming over. Keep your wand or athame with you so you may open and close the circle.

  2. Inform your friends to not touch your alter or anything on it before going into your room.

  3. Snuff the candle and wait till they leave to continue the spell if you feel they can not be trusted to listen to your requests.

  4. Place hematite around the candle to protect it from negative energies.


I love it! I was just about to comment a similar suggestion and then I saw yours pop up. You beat me to it. :laughing: But you’re absolutely right.


Wow thank you so much for that


Charlaine gave a great answer about the magickal implications about bringing others into your sacred space during a ritual, so all I have to add is the mandatory note about Candle Safety :candle: Candles should never burn unattended, so if you all leave the room or become distracted, it is in the best interest of everyone- spell included- to respectfully snuff out the candles until the guests have gone home. You can then relight the candles and continue the spell as normal :+1:

Many blessings! :sparkles:


I love the answer given by Charlaine!

That’s pretty much how I would approach it, too. Everyone that lives in my home knows not to mess with my specific candles when they’re burning, but I don’t know how I would feel about others being around when I’ve got a spell going. I think I would just play it by feeling when it happens.

I’d just like to add that you could encircle your spell with salt to protect the energies of your spell, too. This can be done on the surface, so like a bookshelf or wherever your spell is sitting. It can also be done on the floor which could be an inconspicuous way to do a salt circle if you have carpet! Just be sure to vacuum it up later :laughing:


Thank you because I do have carpet :weary::joy:


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