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I have always connected more with Western Astrology. I do like that Vedic Astrology uses the current placements & is based more on the actual movements when they are reading astrology. Western astrology hasn’t shifted its degrees at all & over so many years, things have moved out of where they were first read.

I know that in the Vedic system they not only use current astronomy & it’s based more in relation to the stars, but they also have a different way of reading that isn’t necessarily based on your natal chart, although they do use a natal chart for different readings. I would absolutely have to have a Vedic Astrologer do a reading for me & not attempt it on my own.

Personally, I’ve always connected & felt more of Western Astrology within my beliefs & life experience. I think it would be up to the person & how they connect with the belief system & if they resonate with the Indian belief systems & practices. It seems they are all interconnected with each other in a more intricate way than others at times.


I have come to love astrology. I would never have guessed so when I started my spiritual journey, but it is a phenomenal resource for me in understanding my own personality and those around me. I’ve taught myself to calculate and cast a natal chart by hand and I have gained so much respect for the people in the past, as they mapped these stars and energy flows by hand, and through observation alone! It’s pretty daunting to learn, let alone observe and document. I discovered it sort of by accident and was fascinated with the way that the constellations aligned with our equinoxes/solstices, and the sheer precision of the universe. For anyone who hasn’t had a chart done by an expert, I highly recommend it. A computer just can’t interpret the aspects of the planets and stars the way a person can. My chart has made me aware of vulnerabilities I didn’t pay attention to before, and helped me find new sources of inner strength both spiritually and my own life. :eye: Eyes open, once I learned to listen!


That is amazing, @AuroraSkyWitch! May I ask how long it took you to learn how to cast the chart by hand? It’s a really impressive skill to learn! :star2:

It sounds like your work with astrology has helped you in many ways and helped you reveal a lot about yourself and your journey. I think that’s a wonderful thing- congrats to you!

I hope you continue to enjoy and thrive in your astrology work :heart: :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This sums me up as well :smile:


Wow, we’ve hit 100 replies to the first poll! :partying_face:

Thank you to everyone who has shared a response so far- it’s really cool to see the results! :pray: :star2:


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Im not suprised at this, i think ive said before if Astrology had a Sun Sign, it would be an Aquarius :joy:


Seeing as how Aquarius has been at the top of the polls since day 1, I think it’s safe to say the data backs this theory up! :laughing: :+1:


It’s hilarious :laughing: and Scorpio is still down there at the bottom - I wonder why that is?! I mean… I’m a Scorpio and for me it’s like… meh? I guess? I don’t like astrology, but I don’t dislike astrology.


Maybe because Scorpio sometimes gets a bad rap? Every sign is vast in their own way, of course, but some have picked up certain stereotypes that often come across as negative or undesirable- I’ve seen Scorpio boiled down to “evil and sex-obsessed” pretty often :sweat_smile: Gemini is another one that I’ve seen be simplified to “gossipy and annoying”, which again, really isn’t fair to the sign (or the person being represented by their sun sign). I can see how people would see these stereotypes over and over again and then no longer care for astrology :thinking:

Then again, Gemini is currently tied for spot #2 for loving astrology the most, so this theory may be completely wrong :joy:


Whoa. I had never heard these. That’s sad for poor Scorpio. :cry:

Three of the worst people in my life have been Aries. But the problem wasn’t that they were Aries! It’s that they were narcissists. :joy:

On another note, Taureans liking astrology seems low as well. There’s even one saying they don’t like astrology. Can’t be me. :eyes: (Yes, it’s me. :joy:)


Yikes about the narcissists! But also good for you for looking beyond someone’s sun sign to see the whole picture :heart:.


Astrology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s absolutely fine! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But since we’re here collecting data in the name of science (:scientist: :wink:), may I ask what parts/what about astrology you don’t care for? (if you’re comfortable talking about it, of course! If not- no worries! :blush:)


I absolutely love astrology! I think it’s really helps you understand who someone is not only on the surface level, but inside, in social situations, how they portray themselves versus how the actually view themselves. It’s so fascinating!!

Gemini sun
Cancer moon
Aquarius rising

Love and Light 🩶✨


Well, one of my great-grandmothers was an Aries. She was an amazing woman. Imperfect, but amazing. Deserving of all the respect. :sparkling_heart:

One of her daughters and that daughter’s youngest son’s girlfriend are also Aries and they’re two of the most self-centred, gaslighting people I’ve met. (I’m vague with the relation on purpose, sorry. :joy:)

So when you have these three people in the same room, all Aries, and all such different people, it’s easy to spot that being Aries isn’t the problem. :sweat_smile:

First of all, I’m no expert. :crazy_face: So, it’s possible that part of my dislike comes from ignorance. Watch me eat my own words before I’m done explaining… :joy:

But speaking of not being an expert, there seems to be a huge difference between the simple tidbits of astrology we get in life to actually delving deeper and looking beyond the sun sign. I think the latter is a lot more valuable than the one-sentence forecast we read in magazines and the like. So, I’m definitely more “meh” towards the simplified version than I am towards the in-depth approach.

The other thing you mentioned about stereotypes might be another offputting thing. It sucks being told you’re XYZ by people who don’t really know you. “Oh, you’re a Taurus. You must be stubborn, huh?” :eyes: I mean, I’m stubborn if someone thinks sticking to my values is stubborn. But that’s not unique to Taurus and is rarely true if they consider everything about me. And also, rude? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Reminds me of this 16 Personalities site using the Myer-Briggs types. It says this about my type:

Ironically, Logicians shouldn’t always be held at their word. They rarely mean to be dishonest, but with their active minds, they sometimes overflow with ideas and theories that they haven’t thought through all the way. They may change their mind on anything from their weekend plans to a fundamental moral principle, without ever realizing that they’d appeared to have made up their mind in the first place. - Introduction | Logician (INTP Personality) | 16Personalities

Did they seriously just say that we are dishonest because we change our views when new information gives us reason to? Do they really want me to stick to ideas after I know they’re wrong? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Regarding the in-depth approach to astrology, however, it’s been a lot of effort learning to understand everything, only to discover that it is generally correct, but there’s also a lot of information specific to certain periods of my life that are over or have only recently begun. I’ll read something in my chart that has only become true in the past few years, or was something I dealt with when I was 25, or was something that was only the case because I was in XYZ situation from 16-21. So a lot of it feels like cherry-picking from a whole bunch of data to find value.


For example, this is true:

Regarding studying or learning, you are better off reading the material than listening to a teacher. These traits come from a strong need to actively participate in communications. It is tough for you to listen passively and absorb information.

But it’s also true for a lot of people with ADHD. Meanwhile, this didn’t become true until a few years ago:

You are endlessly curious about people, group interactions, community affairs, trends, and teams.

And everyone I know will say I’ve been the exact opposite of this my whole life:

It’s possible you remain rather immature or irresponsible emotionally, never wanting to truly grow up and take care of yourself.

I suppose a part of my personal problem is that I’ve gotten into astrology after doing a lot of work on myself – alone, with my partner, with friends, and through therapy – to deal with all the issues that astrology could have pointed out in the first place. So the effort-to-reward ratio I’m experiencing is a bit off.

I also don’t like it when reading my natal chart makes me feel validated. I’m like, “I didn’t come here to have my ego stroked.” :joy:

Maybe that’s why I gravitate towards divination? I don’t really care about the things I cannot change, but I’m interested in paving the path forward with something better, and I think there are better tools to do that with than this?

And when it comes to other people, I guess I’d rather just start without the astrology template. Discover them as though I know nothing. I feel like I’d risk too many biases otherwise.

Does any of this make sense, or am I just coming off as a huge @$$hat? :sweat_smile: :cry:


@B.Dane Just wanted to drop in and say hello and welcome. I’m Tracy from England. Astrology goes way over my head, but it’s great to be here, as I’m learning new things all the time.

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Hi, @B.Dane! I just wanted to pop on and say welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:


Yay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome, Bailey- make yourself at home here! :heart:

I’m with you on that- the simplified stereotypes can be really off-putting, especially when they come across as negative. Whether it’s a sun sign or their Meyers Briggs personality (which I’ve actually had to take as part of the job hiring process before lol) it’s just one piece of who they are- it’d be like judging someone entirely on where they went to high school, or the car they drive. It’s a piece, yes, but you need all the pieces before you can see the whole puzzle :jigsaw: :grinning:

You aren’t kidding, my friend! :laughing: :heart: Astrology is massive- I’d say it’s one of the most vast areas within the Craft, if not the largest area to explore. There’s always more to discover, and people keep coming up with new points to hone in on or new ways to read or chart the stars!

It used to be pretty off-putting for me too, but now I’m just like eh, I’ll focus on the things that interest me and enjoy it with the understanding that there will always be more out there. Not a master nor an expert by any means, just someone who thinks its all pretty neat (and, occasionally, helpful!) :grinning:

Yes, thank you! I think you did a beautiful job of working through your feelings and experiences around astrology. It’s a complex subject with many ways of looking at it- I understand that putting it all into words can be a challenge, but you did it beautifully :blush: :heart: Thank you, Katerina- it’s always interesting to see how others relate to and view a topic! :star2: :two_hearts:


What?! :joy:

You know what? You made me realise something. :thinking:

I was wondering why something felt off about what I was saying. Like there was a disconnect somewhere. But I think I know what it is now…

In English and Chinese, there are some very clear words to distinguish whether you want something or like it. Although, there is “would you like (to have).”

But in Macedonian, they are the same thing. If you want something, you’re kind of saying you like it. If you like it, you want it. If you don’t want something, you don’t like it. It’s not uncommon to say “no” to something and hear, “I thought you liked it?”

It’s not so blatantly that all the time. But it’s the same word, and you kind of just don’t think about whether you’re meaning one or both. Until someone talks about the difference between their liking and doing. :smile: :black_heart:


Just a quick note to welcome you to the forum :infinite_roots: @B.Dane
It’s so nice to meet you :people_hugging: :heart:


I forgot to actually mention my point… :joy:

Therefore, I realise my “do not like” is more of a “not right now, thanks.” :black_heart: