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Twice! Once for an office job and once for teaching at a school. Not sure what they did with the results, but I guess whichever personality type I got was deemed hirable enough since I got to work there :joy:

Never been asked to show my Zodiac sign before getting a job, though- that would be strange (although I guess employers can see your birthday so they could probably find out someone’s sign if they wanted to! Wonder if it ever happens :thinking: )

Understood and respected! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you mean, like, if they stalk your social media or something? Or is this a requirement of submitting a job application over there? :open_mouth:

I’ve given some my birthday after I’ve been hired, but it’s always been an optional part of the profile. Generally, no one knows when birthdays are or how old people are. :thinking:

My current manager sometimes forgets he’s my boss, so he’ll sometimes ask me something like that, get a sudden look of shock on his face, and be like, “But you’re not obligated to answer that!” :joy:


:wave: hi @B.Dane!

@starborn, I am a Scorpio :scorpius: sun :sun: & my husband is an Aries :aries: sun :sun: as well as my neighbor across the street. I knew another Aries :aries: sun :sun: who was a :thinking: well, in simple terms… a narcissist. I do know a couple of other Aries :aries: sun :sun: people, (I don’t know many personally actually now that I think about it) who are very good & genuine people but… stubborn-ish :question: at least at times :laughing: My first son is a Taurus :taurus: sun :sun: & moon :full_moon: with Gemini :gemini: rising :arrow_up:… my other son is an Aries :aries: rising :arrow_up: with a Taurus :taurus: :full_moon:, my daughter has neither in her sun :sun: moon :full_moon: or rising :arrow_up: & I don’t have either in my moon :full_moon: or rising :arrow_up:

I have done the personality test… now I’m trying to remember which one I had :thinking: Right now all that I can remember is that it started with an “I” & had a “N”… but can’t remember the other letters :rofl:

Yes, normally whenever you apply for employment here you name & birthdate are part of the application. It’s used as a identifier for employment & actually a lot of things that you would apply for or sign up :thinking: for doing. Whether volunteer, benefits, payments, employment, medical, education, & all kinds of things now that I think about it :face_with_monocle:


Hmm… that is true! I’ve always been kinda meh about the way Scorpio is presented on the surface. I’ve always been hesitant to dig deeper into astrology because of the way Scorpio is presented, but also because of the intensity of Scorpio mixed with the rest of the signs in my chart :sweat_smile: It’s on a list for me to do, for sure, but it’s definitely not a high priority!

Welcome to the forum, @B.Dane :wave: it’s nice to meet you!


It’s like Susurrus said- it’s part of the application. Which is weird, because to the best of my knowledge they can’t legally ask “how old are you?” but they can ask for your birthday, and have to collect forms of ID (which have your birthday on it) so it’s all a pretty strange game when you step back and look at it :sweat_smile:

I understand that- it’s a sign with some pretty strong stereotypes, and not always shown in a good light. It always makes me hesitant to check those astrology memes where each sign is assigned something because I’m worried it’s going to be the “evil” sign again :sweat_smile:

*All of the Scorpio in my chart is waving at all of the Scorpio in your chart * :wave: :joy:

It seems like there are a lot of folks like us with an abundance of Scorpio somewhere in their charts- despite not being an astrolgy-loving sign, it sure is a prevalent sign! :laughing:


:joy: I’m jokingly imagining they’re thinking people can’t count. But…

That was the first thing that came to mind when I read that, so I made it happen. :crazy_face:


You’re a meme-making legend! This is hilarious :clap: :joy: