White Sage vs Garden Sage?

I am growing Garden sage because its the only variety I’ve found. I had a Russian Sage plant but it didn’t come back this year :frowning: What is the difference between the sage varieties? and Will Garden Sage work for smudging?
Thank you in advance for any helpful knowledge. :seedling:
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Common Sage

Common sage, also known as Salvia officianalis, garden sage and kitchen sage, is used commonly to add flavor in cooking and for medicinal purposes. According to Nerys Purchon, in her book “The Essential Natural Health Bible,” Common sage is the type of sage most often used for medicinal purposes. Sage is used for throat and mouth ailments, such as sores and laryngitis. It also is used for skin ailments, such as sores, wounds and abscesses.

White Sage

White sage, or Salvia apiana, seeds were used by Native Americans as food and to heal their eyes. The roots were used after birth for healing. The leaves were used for numerous medicinal purposes, such as a cold remedy or shampoo, to treat sinus problems and to control lactation. The leaves were burned in ceremonies to purify and cleanse. This process was used historically by Native Americans but has become popular in the New Age arena. The sage is burned with the belief that the incense clears away negative thoughts, spirits and dreams as well as illness.


Thank you for the information @Siofra . Looks like I need to find some White Sage seeds. :seedling:


You are very welcome! :heart:

I was reading through it & I didn’t realize that there were so many different types of sage! Learned something new! :heart:


:slight_smile: yes me2… I knew there was a purple sage and I had what was tagged Russian sage but I never knew what variety it was or even used it. It grew outside in a pot for 2 yrs and that was that! It did smell good :rose:


I’m glad you found an answer to this question, Sarall! Thanks for sharing those links, @Siofra :smiley:

Here’s some more information about smudging. It’s important to fully understand what smudging is while doing it:

There are several reasons why someone would conduct a smudging session, but in general, it is to better the lives of people and the places they live. It is the bridge between mortal life and higher realms, bringing in good spirits and eliminating any negative, stagnant ones. It lifts away any sadness, impurities, anxieties, and remediates poor health, leaving nothing but peace and harmony for both individuals and the environment after the cleansing. - From PowWows

For healers and laypeople in traditional cultures, burning sage is used to achieve a healing state — or to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas. This may have some scientific basis, too. Certain types of sage, including salvia sages and white prairie sage, contain thujone. Research shows that thujone is mildly psychoactive. It’s actually found in many plants used in cultural spiritual rituals to enhance intuition. - From Healthline

And here’s a video with a series of guidelines and differences between authentic smudging and trendy smudging.


Both of you are very welcome. I don’t mind helping out at all! I hope you both have a great day! :infinite_roots:


Thank you @Francisco for the video link.
I was aware of the sacred practice and use of smudging but I was unaware of the difference of the White Sage plant itself! Now I know why I’ve been unable to find seeds or a starter plant of White Sage. I’ve been using herbs for decades internally and knew you could burn them for disinfecting the air and for ceremonial purposes. I didn’t know the difference as far as what was in the plant and what made this specific plant “work.” I will use the Garden Sage for other things.
Bless Be :rose:


@Sarall Sounds good! Garden sage has its own set of magical uses and properties too :herb:

Common Sage Correspondences

From Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences

Salvia officinalis, Comm on Sage; S. lavandulifolia, Spanish Sage— Comm on Sage is also known as Garden Sage, Meadow Sage.

  • Solar System: Jupiter, Mercury
  • Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus
  • Day: Thursday
  • Celebrations: Mabon, Samhain, Walpurgis, Yule
  • Rune: Tyr
  • Elements: Air, Earth
  • Energy: Yin
  • Chakra: Throat
  • Tarot card: Emperor
  • God: Zeus

Issues, Intentions & Powers: balance, business, clairvoyance, comfort, concentration/focus, consecrate/bless, consciousness, divination, energy, fear, fertility, gratitude, grounding, guidance, harmony, healing, insight, introspection, knowledge, life, longevity, love, magic, memory/memories, the mind (clear), money, negativity, obstacles, peace, power, prophecy, prosperity, protection (psychic), psychic ability, purification (general, ritual), quests, release, reversal, secrets, the senses (strengthen), spirits, spirituality, stability, stimulation, strength, stress, truth, visions, warmth, wealth, well-being (mental), wisdom , wishes.