Who else uses

La Satisima Muerte

I got many stories about her and people who used her sad stories and good stories

As long you keep your promise to her you will be safe
If you don’t many type of misfortune

She is one of you start to worship her you can’t stop


Thanks for the heads up.


I would love to hear some of your stories she’s intriguing to say the least. The never stop part is definitely intimidating. Do you work with her?


I kinda do. This is how you can use her : me : if you can help me get this thing taken care of I’ll buy your neckless and wear it with my charms . So if the thing I requested comes true I will have to buy the charm of her and wear it .

One quick story I can tell is this

One man in Mexico ask to have a son so he prayed to her and offered to stop drinking or doing something but when she blessed him and his wife with the baby he asked for. He didn’t keep his promise to her so she took back the baby if you know what I mean.

This is how powerful she is and she will bless you what you want but you have to keep the promises you make to her as a offering.

She has fast results when asking for what you want with a price

She is a hidden saint from Mexico the grim reaper Virgin Mary type


You kinda do??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:. :dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face::dotted_line_face:
That’s kinda worrisome friend. This doesn’t sound like a kinda type of deity. I’ve heard other people that have had her reach out to them. But they won’t work with her because of this lifelong sentence so to speak. Not saying anything bad about your lovely one.


Just out of curiosity, is this the deity, “Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte”? She isn’t specifically named in your post & I have trouble reading the candle.

I did a quick look into her to see if this is who you are speaking about, that she is associated with healing, protection, and the safe delivery to the afterlife of her devotees. She is also known as a female deity and a folk saint in the Catholic religion and Mexican Neo-Paganism.

I’d be interested in her name to look up the specific deity; if I’m mistaken, please let me know! :hugs: I’m very curious now :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:


She has a positive side and a dark side yes she is for anything really but got to be dedicated to her once you ask her for something

Some Latin people don’t like to use her at all and scared to use her they find it a form of witchcraft obviously then there’s people who use her and they have their own cult

She is a mystery in itself which I think is cool I’ve been hearing my information for my friend who came from Mexico himself and knows about her

I say just look into the stories one day I will use her for something big I’m actually thinking about getting a tattoo of her

Another small story about using her if you use her for evil she will cast the curse on you a lot of misfortune should happen even death but if your intentions are good and you want to help people asking her for that favor she will bless you with that


Oh, thank you! :heart_eyes: I saw that she has a cult following; I only did a quick search. My interest was very much engaged when I saw the link to Catholicism. Those links always catch my eye and curiosity. I was raised in a Catholic home, and my husband was also. His was a bit stricter than mine; he was in Catholic school through the archdiocese in our area from 6th grade until around 10th grade :thinking: His brothers had both gone through the same schools, and one graduated from a college through the same. His mother worked and retired from the Archdioceses school system, specifically the middle school they had attended. So whenever I find a possibility of a Catholic link (the demon discussions will also send me down a rabbit hole too! :blush:) I go on a research tangent. Then we have some amazing conversations. It actually happens more frequently than I had ever imagined. He remembers a lot (honestly, to my surprise, considering why he left during 10th grade) but after so many years of not only attending church and the “Sunday schooling” but also going through their school system, it actually makes a lot of sense. We hadn’t practiced Catholicism for many years between the two of us. We both had stopped practicing (much to our family’s dismay) before we had graduated high school, which was before he and I had even met officially :laughing:

I will watch the video :computer: again and look further into her :star_struck: I feel a great conversation coming on later today or possibly this week! Thank you for sharing! :revolving_hearts: