Why do we blow out candles on birthdays? ....?

Why do we blow out candles on birthdays? …???
What wish did the Ancient Greeks say…???
One of the most widespread customs around the world is blowing out the candles on the birthday cake…
In most countries today, the same process is followed.
On the then type of cake, as many candles are placed as the number of years of life of the celebrant.
Friends and relatives sing the birthday song in unison and at the end the celebrant blows out the candles, making a wish…!!!
But what is the origin of this custom in ancient Greece…
According to one theory, this custom has its roots in ancient Greece.
The ancient Greeks are said to have made honey pies, which they decorated with candles, in honor of the goddess Artemis.
The candles symbolized the stars and the moon.
The ancients extinguished the candles because they believed that the smoke conveyed their wishes to the gods.
They did the same ceremony on their children’s birthdays, because they thought that the goddess Artemis, whose gods they Worshiped and did not Believe in,…
…for those who can tell the difference…!!!.
…was Artemis the protector of children and thus she would protect them from diseases and all evil.
…said the ancient Greek birthday wish…
…“O supreme Goddess of births, Extreme Artemis accept this humble hymn and grant your blessing to him who celebrates the day of his birth in the material realm of existence.
You who give the perfect gift Anisidora, bestow gifts of health, bliss, spiritual and material development, joy, cheerfulness, and any other mental or material gift that you judge for the virtuous race of existence.
Stand Helper of this existence and Euplocamus, paving excellent roads of virtue that lead to eternal rewards so that the soul may resemble Your Crowning Grace.
Pure Goddess, keep the soul undefiled from all evil.
Great-named and Olbium-like Goddess bestowed the greatest happiness of fate as
Perasia helped the thought to go safely from its quests.
Saofron gave sound thinking.
Modest Goddess bestowed importance and respect on this being.”


Oh wow! :star_struck: I had never actually put thought into how this custom became a traditional thing done for birthdays!:birthday:

Thank you for sharing this! It definitely makes sense & I wonder :thinking: how many others of different faiths realize this when the general people may not have realized how this custom started. Especially those that didn’t necessarily believe or practice in this way theough their faith.

I’m always excited :nerd_face: learning little tidbits such as this :heartbeat:


Oh wow, I had no clue that there was a theory about birthday candles that originated in Ancient Greece :astonished: That’s awesome! You know, I don’t think I’ve ever thought about where it comes from or why we do it… lol we just do!


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