Why worshipping Lucifer?

I was reading on Lucifer last week and a question arose at my mind that “Lucifer was described as devil in Christianity and wicca do not have any concept like Satan or Devil?! So, what’s the reason behind it?” I did a little research work and found that (1):

  • In Wicca: Lucifer is considered as “light-bringer” and “morning star". He does not demand anything doesn’t demand anything fancy. He only demands demand is an earnest desire to improve yourself and honesty.
  • In Christianity: Lucifer was rebellious angel who rebelled against God after the creation of humans.

Application for Reasoning: Applying these two theories in practical wicca, I discovered that Lucifer is still an angel and he was not really a Satan or Devil. In The Bible, God created Eden, Adam & Eve, our world and that fruit tree. Lucifer entered into a snack and influenced Adam & Eve to eat those fruits. Now, defining the reason behind this, I must say that Lucifer flouted the order of God, as an angel he was also not permitted to go against God, but his freedom and individuality lead him to this so that Adam & Eve become curious about the fruit and this will give them knowledge and open-mindness to reach the universe which is the ultimate goal for everyone. If you consider the the Vedas means 7 Chakras of body energy, you can find that Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra are most important chakras (2).

  • Anahata or Heart chakra balance between physical chakra (Muladhara or Root Chakra, Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra and Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra) and psychological chakras (Vishuddha or Throat Chakra; Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra and Sahasrara or Crown Chakra).
  • The Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra deals with knowledge, Intuition, imagination, and wisdom. There is no scope to achieve any knowledge without curiosity. This curiosity was brought by Lucifer to Adam & Eve.
  • Finally, The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra that deals with open-mindness, connection to the universe and realisation that every being including human, animal and plants are spirits of universe. There cannot be any open mind without knowledge and without application of knowledge, no one can know themselves and their connection with universe as a universal sprit or being of universe.

Now, there is a question that human being can read and discover the universe, but how can plant and animals reach their Crown Chakra and discover their connection with universe?

The answer is very simple, they do it their own way because the ultimate goal of discovery of universe is enjoyment of life with happiness and peace of mind.

One final point to consider before concluding about God and his wishes? God is the Supreme Personality means the universe (3).

There are two types of our universe which are as follows:

  • First one is “Material universe” which is temporary and mortal or dispensable; &
  • Second one is “Spiritual Universe” which is based on knowledge. It is permanent and immortal or indispensable.

There cannot be any knowledge without curiosity. Without knowledge, there cannot be any open-mindness and without open-mindness, no question arises to discover the universe and connection between oneself with it. So, Lucifer did the right thing by provoking Adam & Eve to eat that prohibited fruit, although that upset God, but the God wants every being or spirits to know themselves in connection with the universe by achieving knowledge, so that one can reach the spiritual universe which is the ultimate goal of life means achieving happiness and peace of mind.

In short, neither Lucifer was wrong to show the way of life to Adam & Eve, nor The God was wrong to fall him from haven because he failed the test obedience that God wants from everyone.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I will say that it is good to worship Lucifer to achieve freedom and individuality to discover the spiritual universe through knowledge and its application.


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  2. The 7 Chakras For Beginners
  3. Online Grade-01 Gita Course from Bhaktivedanta Gita academy

I feel like Lucifer has my best interests at heart. He is always trying to get me to do my best. I feel like Satan is different, I don’t really believe in him. Maybe Satan is there but I don’t like to interact with him. Lucifer is good to me, and I’ve never even heard him swear once. He’s full of good. Sometimes it’s a little bit daunting and I feel like less of a being, knowing he would likely do better in my place. He has a playful side that is very interesting too. Anyway I mainly work with him and the Star Goddess, and I’ve started with Hecate a little bit.


Thank you for this post, Annesha! It really seems that Christianity has made a lot of people afraid of calling on Lucifer. A while ago, I shared in another topic why Lucifer isn’t the devil that he’s made out to be.

Like Colin said, I believe the image of Lucifer should bring about inspiration and illumination.


Hello @Francisco,

Thanks for sharing the link.

Absolutely, I thought that light can be found in darkness. So, I accept that Christianity describes Lucifer as devil which is required to show the darkness of life, but in every darkness light is present.

Happy that you like it.


Hello @colin,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

I agree. Even I don’t believe in Satan or Devil as separate entity because Satan or Devil are just the negative forces of energy which reflect through beings or spirits including human, animal and plants.


Thank you for all the awesome information you included!! This was really informative and a great and fun read!!


@Princess_Tara , thank you for this great info. As a Christian i believed in the Lucifer/Satan ideal. But now after becoming Wiccan, i dont believe in this anymore. I think we are surrounded by negative or positive energy which can influence spirits. Im still new to Wicca and just scratching the surface after a year of becoming one. I learned so much. I even believed that the Pentacle was considered satanic or evil. Boy was i wrong! Took me a little bit to accept that its NOT evil at all. Christianity brainwashed us to believe it so. Now its so funny to watch horror movies when they use the pentacle for evil doings! :joy:

Blessed be


Thanks @karen9


Hello @walter ,

Thanks for sharing your believe.

It us the fault of both magical and non-magical people. Let me explain this to you:

Energy bursts, for magickal hyperactivity by children or recovering from magickal exhaustion, that caused loss and damage to non-magickal people.

Non-magicakal people then started witch hunting and they tortured brutally on them. Sometimes burn them alive. This raised the principle of “vengeance” which increased this type of crime which continued till 18 century, until the birth of punishment of deterrence. Following this principle, Witches started killing non-magicakal people.

This vengeance is a big issue at criminology. This mainly originated from Egypt. Western witches behaved differently. They left their places whenever they fear witch hunt. Maya civilization is a great example of it.

So, in this way non-magicakal people started fearing magickal people. Every religion has concepts of Satan/Devil, but that requires to create fear to deter non-magickal people from crime which actually created superstition (fear for negativity with misinterpretation) on one hand and corruption (using negative energy for own benefit).

Wicca is very safe. You can find more this from the books on “History of Magic”.


Thank you for sharing your valuable wisdom. I will read it for sure- its very interesting! I can understand the vengeance part, when practicing magick because there are so many evil doers. This is why i don’t like to practice magick spells when im feeling angry or upset at someone, especially now that i feel so connected to my practice. I try to be mindful when im feeling negative or when sensing negativity…


Hello @walter

Thanks for sharing your comment.

Evil doers lies in ourselves and we must not forget the “The Three Rule of Universe”. Whatever you will do, either good or bad, it will return to you for 3 times. So, generally, witches don’t use negative energies to harm others.

You can try magick. I was 3 years old when I cast my first spell. I had a bad school day and I was upset and having difficulty with sleeping. Then from the book of shadow of my great great grand-father, I found one sleep spell. That worked for me and from then magick became everything for me.

I will suggest to practice magick in your own way. It will benefit you, protect you and will not work to harm others, even if you want.