Will salt hurt surgery wounds in bath rituals?

can I do a bath ritual without salt?


Of course!
Try this one :heart: super gentle and lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you I’ll try that. what a great idea


Just to be safe, I recommend asking this to your physician! :woman_health_worker:

Something I found online about open wounds says:

The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that wounds be kept dry to facilitate healing. A brief wetting, such as in the shower, is acceptable, but prolonged soaking should be avoided.

Wishing you a fast healing! :pray:


Like @LimeBerry said, you can absolutely do a bath ritual without salt! :+1: However, if it’s for small wounds (light scrapes, cuts, bruises, and sore muscles) certain kinds of salt are associated with healing :salt:

  • Sea salt has traditional uses for healing minor injuries and can help to both clean and speed up recovery time
  • Epsom salt is sold at most pharmacies and drug stores. It is commonly used to ease pain from sore muscles.

However, if you are recovering from a more serious injury (especially if it is an open wound)- then I agree with Francisco and second the importance of double-checking with your doctor before immersing the wound in water of any kind!

Good luck, and wishing you a speedy recovery, Sandra! :heart: