Winter Hearth and Home Charms

@MeganB they are hung beside my door, upside down. Only bc i didnt have the space above the door.

And it really works, people no longer just show up. And the negativity is practically nonexistent

My front door


@Amaris_Bane ooooooo that sounds pretty


I know what I’m doing later this week :laughing: definitely doing this! Actually, I have to wait until after Saturday morning – my house is getting a full cleanse from top to bottom and then I’ll hang the broom!


I finally for around to reading pictures.

Camper life

Closer look at the :nazar_amulet: and Brigid’s Cross. Forgot about the witches bells.

My broom.


Very good job! I love it! :heart:

I really need to make or get a besom for each of my doorways. I see them & I’m like, I’ll pixk one up “next time”. However, I found that I say that every time :rofl:

I love :heart: your Brighid’s Cross too! I have one in my space that I redo each year. This year I’m also going to try a corn dolly.

I’m making up witches bells :bell: for my back door, we hung our Yule themed ones by the front yesterday.

I do have to think :thinking: of some intentions for my witches ball & pinecone for our home.

Sorry, rambling… I love how you’ve made it come together for your home. I think it looks great & very warm & inviting.


I remake this one every year on Imbolc! It is tough to find reeds here so I end up using wheat instead sometimes. I am going to be looking early this time so I can order some reedsd if need be. They work much better.

Awww, thank you!! I try. Living in an RV doesn’t give you much room to work with.


I completely understand that, there was a time that my father had an RV in a KOA up by me. He lived there from April to just about my birthday because he was working in Boston but his residence was in FL. So when he had opportunities for work in Boston that’s where he lived. He didn’t want to impose on us despite us telling him otherwise :joy:

We would take the kids up there for Sunday dinners every once in a while… amazing what he could do in there, but with an extra 4 to 5 people in there… it was tight for the day or evening.

I actually ordered rushes in a spool but they were a buy one, get one… let me look for the link to them & I will get back to you! I take the amount I need & cut them into equal lengths. I hang them for a bit before I make the next one so they aren’t always trying to spiral back up into a spool.

Which reminds me… I need to get on that too! I’m going to have to check my schedule for this week to see what I have going on & what I would like to accomplish. :thinking:


You’ve got a beautiful space, Amaris- I’m really impressed with how well you’ve made it work for you! :blush:

The broom in particular is gorgeous… gosh, I keep meaning to make a mini one for the door frame sometime soon! Perhaps it’ll be a good winter craft :broom: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


You and me both :rofl: I still haven’t hung my besom up by my door. It’s sitting there but not hung like I want it to be.

@Amaris_Bane – Your pictures look great! I love that Brigid’s cross and the Nazar hanging with it :heart: Sometimes I miss living in an RV but I think I’d go a bit nuts now with three people, a cat, and all of my reptiles lol


I finally got down to decorating pine comes with cinnamon and I did some with cloves. We also painted a couple to look like gnomes. It’s basically a massive potpourri bowl. All of the items in there are meant to cleanse negative energy and lighten the mood.

Thanks again for this idea!


I love this! It just looks like it smells amazing!


@Phoenix_Rose that looks very nice! I wish I could do something similar… but my dog… I’m pretty sure he would think we brought the outside to him & would be too interested in it one way or the other :laughing: We do have pinecones that my children had decorated when they were younger as ornaments.

Ooo… maybe I could make a simmer pot with them! :hugs:

I have yet to do my intention pinecone for the tree or my witches’ ball… I think I just came up with a couple of things to get done today :rofl: Yesterday I was cleansing my altars & consolidating things a bit. Then I realized… I need a shelf or cabinet for the other things I have in boxes or bags next to my bed… I guess I could get low storage containers & slide them under the bed :thinking:


Lovely potpourri bowl! It looks like Yule!


I love this!!! Especially the little gnomes. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you! @Amaris_Bane @Amethyst @MeganB @Susurrus :heart: