Winter Hearth and Home Charms

For this challenge, I was going to do some kitchen magick but while I was doing research for Yule I came across this Winter Hearth and Home Charm spell from Lisa Chamberlain’s Wicca Book of Herbal Spells.

It is a perfect way for me to make it start feeling like winter in my house, since here in Houston we don’t really get a winter. A combination of cinnamon and pine cones brings the essence of the holiday season inside. Pine cones carry the cleansing, protective, and healing attributes of the pine tree. Cinnamon is used to raise spiritual vibrations, ensure protection, draw money, speed healing, attract love, and increase one’s power/ psychic abilities/ spiritual connection.

If possible, wild-craft the pine cones, but store-bought is perfectly fine.

You will need:

  • A large bowl (big enough to hold all the pine cones)
  • 3-5 pine cones
  • powdered cinnamon
  • White glue (Elmer’s or similar)
  • small paintbrush


  1. Take a moment to center and ground yourself. Appreciate the earthy smells of the pine cones and the warming smell of cinnamon. Say some words of gratitude to Mother Earth for her bounty:

Thank you, Mother Earth, for providing me with these beautiful pine cones from your evergreen trees.

  1. Using the paintbrush, coat a pine coat with white glue. Focus on the intention for a peaceful and happy environment for your home.
  2. Once the pine cone is sufficiently coated, sprinkle the cinnamon over the pine cone. Continue to focus on the above intention.
  3. Place in an upright position to allow the pine cone to dry fully. Repeat for the remaining pine cones.
  4. Once the pine cones are all dry, place them in the large bowl. Hold the bowl in your hands and picture joyful, serene energy circling your home. Say:

Hearth and home on winter’s night
Filled with joy and peaceful light.

  1. Place the bowl in your home where the pine cones will be visible. Alternatively, you could spread them throughout your home, placing a pine cone or two in each room.

I am going on the hunt for pine cones this weekend and will update you with pictures once I complete my charms.

Weekly Witchy Challenge: Green/ Herbal Magick


Wow @Amaris_Bane my challenge entry was about the magickal uses of pine. Another coincidence. Lol!


I really like this idea, I use intentional pine cones on my tree & then release them on New Years’ day, or when I am able to in my fire pit afterward… :thinking: I’m sure could combine the 2 easily enough & place them on our tree & in different places in the house :heart_eyes:


@Ostara wow!! I only got online this morning to post this so I didn’t see your entry, lol.

@Siofra_Strega I love that idea! Living in an RV, I don’t have space for a tree anymore. :cry:


I love this so much Amaris! We don’t really have pinecones in my part of Florida, not that I’ve seen anyway, but I think I can manage to find some pinecones in a craft store :thinking: I might have to do this! I usually like to have a spicy winter candle for my kitchen but a lot of the scents are much too strong for our household allergies. I think this is a great alternative for scented candles, too!

How long do you think these last? Is it something that can be kept all year and maybe refreshed with a cinnamon-scented spray every year?


@MeganB I’d think if you were able to find some in a craft store, you could also refresh the scents with cinnamon essential oils after the initial cinnamon wears off.


This is awesome!! I am going to do this tomorrow!!!


Very cool idea!


That’s definitely what I was thinking :thinking: I like the idea of doing it myself but if I can’t find it then I guess I have to put on my Spellwork Mechanic Badge and improvise!


I don’t see why not. As @Siofra_Strega said, you can refresh it with EO. You could always also sprinkle more cinnamon on them. I know that you can find cinnamon scented pine cones at Walmart during this time of year. I bought some last year and they still smell like cinnamon (I added them to a wreath).


This is a really beautiful idea and I particularly love the chants that Chamberlain included with the spell- it’s really a great spell and craft to bring in some seasonal light and joy! :evergreen_tree: :grinning:

My mother puts a basket of these in the bathroom during the holidays- the smell is amazing, but the ones she uses are storebought. I’d love to try and make some homemade ones sometime!

Thank you so much for sharing this, @Amaris! :heart:


I didn’t even think about putting some in the bathroom! I’ll have to figure out how to do that. No toilet tank or space on the counter to place them. :thinking::thinking::thinking: Maybe I can find some way to hang them.


@Amaris_Bane i always just add EO to my stuff. Especially my brooms at my doors


I do have a cinnamon-scented broom kind of like these pinecones. I’m gonna try and find some of those pinecones then! :clap: Sounds like a great idea!



Those are what i have hung at my doors


I only have one right now and it’s standing by my front door. I want to hang it eventually, I just haven’t gotten there yet :laughing:


Hanging them sounds like a great idea- I bet they’d look beautiful on a string (maybe with some twinkle lights? :sparkles:) :blush:


@MeganB i made hubs do it. When i told him why he hung them really quick, as mine are upside down. So to keep away unwanted quests dead and alive, and to repell negativity entering our home. He loved that. Lol


Do you have them hung above the door or next to them? The one that needs the most convincing in my house is my dad lol


I have one that I added eucalyptus to before hanging. It hangs next to my door. Now that I see @Mistress_Of_Herbs’s comment about hanging it upside down, I think I’m going to flip mine!

I have an :nazar_amulet: pendant, a Brigid’s cross, and a charm above my door.