Wish.com? Ever Use It?

I was watching some vids where witches/wicca brothers and sisters were going to wish to buy things for their practice… It cuts out the middle man and the items come direct usually from the Chinese distributor. I saw things on there for $2 that are $15 on Etsy…

Last night I did some cruising around and bought a lot of “Just pay shipping” on a lot of items.
I got some rough cut and polished stones, incense, incense holders, witch bells, etc.
I also bought a pair of leather witchy boots for $11 and I have seen the very same ones up to $110…there are books, amulets, viking things, just have to be patient as the items seem to change by page to page. I know it takes longer to get them, but what a surprise when they do come…


That’s impressive! I never ordered anything from Wish.com for fear of the quality being bad… Can you post pictures of the stones you ordered? I’m really curious now


I will post pics of everything when I get it… I am still newbie at this…LOL but I found a LOT of stuff on there that is on Etsy, identical, now I know where they get it…LOL

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hahah yes, that’s why I have trust issues, maybe the pictures on the website are the same, but then you get the product and it’s much smaller, or worse quality. It would be an interesting experiment, buying the same thing on Etsy and Wix, and then comparing them…

I’ve been browsing and it’s really tempting, especially the charms and pendants, they’re SO cheap!

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I have been browsing as there is a lot of things I have bought off Amazon and Ebay…for 20x the amount on here. I took a chance and have ordered any $150.00 in misc things we will see. They won’t come until May which is normal for coming from China. I read the comments too. It looks to me like China wants to compete with Amazon and EBay and just cut out the middle man…

I mean about $150.00. Silly spell check. Yes I spent a lot…gonna find out what they are all about!!!

I don’t think you could go wrong on charms…

@Francisco… there are dozens of vids on youtube and they show what they bought.

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You’re right, I found a bunch of reviews on Youtube for example this one

I still get the impression that it’s a gamble or you never know what you’re getting. Especially with crystals which might be fake or unethically sourced (bad for environment/communities).

However now I’m looking at other stuff like little statues, candle holders and other decorations which have great prices… :open_mouth:


you can get a lot of things off there, that are good and if you ever receive anything you do not like, or is not right, they will refund your money. Yes you have to be careful with stones to make sure they are ok. but since a lot of things, well most all of what we buy comes from China it is that way with all, unless you deal directly with a gemologist. I am going to take a chance on all the stones I can find. Also, I just got a huge refund from a stone dealer on Ebay that I have bought from in the past, he has always been ethical, this time however I bid on a stone and won it and got to looking at it, and told him it was not authentic… immediately he admitted it was not and refunded my money.


PS all the stones I ordered will be taken to my local rock hound for checking. I will let you know what he says, he is good at telling me what I have. AND if I can find the vid… there was a gal that ordered $600 worth of clothes and did a bad review of them… well she showed the picture which of course was a ahem “well built woman”…and then she showed what it looked like on her… lol she was about 6 ft tall and probably weighed 100# if that… she could not fill them out, so complained. lol @Francisco

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I’ve had some bad experiences ordering from Wish and some good ones, so I think it just depends. I’ve never ordered any witchy supplies from there, though. I’ll have to have a look, though, and see what I can find. I do agree, though, that there are a lot of people who buy from Wish and then turn around and sell it for outrageous prices. I would rather buy from a trusted source on Etsy because I know the money goes to a small business - normally - but the fact of actually finding a trusted source is hard.


Welll I ended up buying from Wish a whole bunch of stuff. I will take pics and show all when I get it, I have 92 items coming…lol
I buy from Etsy a lot as a matter of fact I have two etsy purchases coming today and I just ordered again. I need to stop though cos the credit card is getting way too high… lol


92 items!!! :open_mouth:

Yes, post pictures please! That will be fun!!


92 items…oh my goodness LOL! You are bad! Although, I just ordered bulk form of herbs to create oils, tinctures and salves…I have 2 pounds of calendula sitting in my kitchen…

My husband is not a believer in what I do, he supports me, and lets me do my thing, but it does not come without it’s mocking…

Husband: “Please tell me you didn’t pay money for a bag of weeds, is this for your voodoo stuff???”

LOL He loves to tease me.


LOL mine is okay with it, and he doesn’t get involved, but he supports it…


Please tell me he didn’t get to eat any Honey beer bread after that comment! :laughing: :rofl:


:joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

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HAHA…good thinking! too late now…the bread is gone LOL!

I’ve used Wish alot! Just be careful with ordering some items bc I’ve ordered earrings and airpods and only recieved one. Not to discourage anyone at all! I’m just letting the truth be known. And their warehouse is so huge that (so, I’ve heard) that employees would throw packages and even step on them to get orders out. But like I said not trying to discourage anybody. I have ordered alot of cool things that I absolutely love.