Witch’s cloak

Merry Meet,

I want to get a cloak but none at the Metaphysical stores are calling out to me. I’m picturing one with the symbol of our Moon Goddess and maybe the tree of life.

Please help.

Blessed Be!


I actually could find any and knowing that my mum is excellent at sewing, i picked out the materials that called to me (purple velvet and gold rope to tie it, and she did an excellent job. I am not with any physical coven besides Spells8 (you guys are awesome), so i only wore it when i did my initiation so far. I don’t know if you can sew well or have anyone to do it, but this is just another idea that might help if any pre-made ones don’t call to you :heart:


not sure if this is something you would want but I find it has the moon on it, which I love to reflect the moon goddess (for me, that represents the goddess Selene)


I say if you have the funds to buy from a small business, try looking on Etsy for a handmade one! Even then, you could get one that’s custom for you :sparkles: I don’t have any ritual clothes so I can’t make a recommendation based on personal experience :sweat_smile:


Check out some you tube videos for making a cloak. They are very simple to make and you can customize it to your liking :wink: There’s not a lot of sewing involved so you could even sew it by hand. :sewing_needle: :thread:



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