Witchcraft adaptations for disabilities or limitations

So I talked about writing something up about making some adaptations for people like me who have some physical limitations or disabilities to adjust your practices. The proper words are not coming to me :face_with_spiral_eyes::exploding_head:
I think you can figure out the idea…

I wanted to see if anyone had any obstacles they would like to discuss/ learn about to make some adaptations to your practices

For example, I’m in a wheelchair, i can’t stand independently, i can’t take a bath. I can’t get outside by myself…

So if you have specific needs or ideas or whatever let me know! Im eager to share some ideas that may not just help those wuth physical limitations. But everyone!


Great idea! I can’t stand long and I shake. I usually cast a circle into the air above me and imagine it forming a bubble around me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


One of my friends was recently diagnosed with MS. I think he got checked out by the doctor when he noticed the vision in one of his eyes was failing and that trying to read at all was difficult.

That makes me wonder about a Book of Shadows focused not on words, but pictures and symbols. Almost like going back to our roots a bit, including pictographic languages, Hieroglyphs, and Ancient Chinese. :thinking:


I have physical disabilities as well as mental health :thinking: So a lot of what I do has to be modified in at least some way. Or even stored/explained because of some processing, learning, & memory things.

When I am on my laptop tomorrow I will figure out what some of those things are & see if I can list some based on the limitation I use it for :hugs:


@Amethyst @Susurrus @starborn great ideas!
@Susurrus I also have mental health issues and cognitive issues so this will be great to explore and come up with some ideas.
@starborn I actually attend a MS support group and they had an eye doctor speak about vision problems so symbols are a great idea!
@Amethyst visualization is a great tool for that! When i cleanse my house I have my husband go up to do the attic and other spaces I can’t go and visualize what he’s doing as if I were doing it myself
I’m excited for this project! It’s going to take some time, but I think we can come up with a great guide! :heart::kissing_heart::black_heart::blush:


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


I don’t have anything to add right now, but I think this is a fantastic idea! :clap: :heart:


I will have to think of the different things I’ve come up with or asked about throughout my practice.

I will think about it though, it’s a great topic to explore & come up with ideas :hugs: