Witchcraft charms

I want to buy some little charms to add to my book of shadows, like little charms.
But I can’t seem to find in a bundle what i’m looking for online. And to buy them all separately would be REALLY expensive.

The charms i’m looking for are.

Triple Moon goddess
The witches knot

And then other just little random witchcraft charms…

Like the broom, a cat the word witch. Etc.


I have this triquetra that I’m not using, let me know if interested. I’ll send it by mail for free.
I haven’t use this charm on any ritual, I bought it, but didn’t fit my collar. Is been in a pouch.


:slight_smile: Thank you!!

It’s beautiful! Inbox me, I’ll send the address.


Greetings @triplemoonlove9091 :blush:

That is really kind of @pedros10 to offer the triquetra :triquetra: :sparkles:

As for the others you are searching for, I know it can quickly get expensive to buy them individually online. Do you live near a craft store, by any chance? Craft stores (like JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, etc.) that carry beads sometimes have sales where you can stock up in bulk. You may be able to get a handful of individual charms at a pretty good price! Not to mention these stores often have coupons, which can help you save more :moneybag: :+1:

Good luck and I hope you can find the charms at a great price! Blessed be :sparkles:


Would they sale witchcraft charms? Lol.


Merry meet!
The craft stores don’t sell witchy stuff on purpose. They just tend to have such a wide variety that some things just happen to be things we witches can use.
Also try Etsy. Even Amazon has some things. Use keywords like Wicca, Witch, Pagan, etc. Along with Jewelry or charms and see what they produce.
If you want a good source, my go-to shop is 13moons.com

Good luck! and Blessed be.


Michael’s craft store has a beautiful little triquetra charm in their jewelry dept. I have that one.


I wrote to you in inbox, once you get it cleanse it. I haven’t use it on anything, but still is good to cleanse it with sage, palo santo or what you use for this in matter.


They won’t call them that, but they may have them.


With a creative eye and an open mind, you might be surprised how many witchy things you can find in stores :wink:

And the best time to be on the hunt is in September/October! Stores like Michaels, Home Goods, TJMaxx, are flooded with Halloween-y goodness. It’s a great time to stock up on things like black candles that are hard to find during other times of the year.

Good luck and blessed shopping! :sparkles:


Hello! Not sure if you’re opposed to Amazon, but they sell bulk charms if you search: bulk charms ie: occult, goth, or try HALLOWEEN! Halloween searches seem to typically include cats, brooms, witch hats, etc. Some little searching tricks I’ve learned. Happy Monday!


I have quite a few silver charms & ones that are made of crystal. I have a Triquetra that’s carved Tigers Eye. Then Green Aventurine Cabachons & abalone shell. Others too but I would check etsy for the crystal ones & I agree about having bulk on Amazon if you’re using them for wearing or spell jars/bags, crafting a tool.


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