:witch_hat: Witchy Fashion Resources

:witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes:

Style Types

  • Avant Garde/Artistic
  • Bohemian
  • Cottagecore
  • Emo
  • Everyday/Casual
  • Fairycore
  • Gothic
  • Halloween
  • Hippie
  • Lolita/Kawaii/Cosplay
  • Punk/Grunge/Alternative
  • Renaissance/Romantic
  • Retro/Vintage
  • Sexy
  • Steampunk
  • Witchcore

Clothing Color Magick

  • White: Purity, Angelic Guidance, Protection, Transformation
  • Black: Repels Negativity, Mysteries, Divination, Beginnings, Balance, Binding, Banishing
  • Blue: Healing, Water Magick, Wisdom, Peace, Loyalty
  • Green: Abundance, Earth Magick, Fairies, Love, Fertility
  • Purple: Intuition, Dreams, Psychic Abilities, Metaphysics, Spirituality
  • Yellow: Communication, Solar Magick, Creativity, Life, Prosperity, Humility
  • Orange: Energy, Vitality, Opportunity, Confidence, Harvest, Strength, Legal Issues
  • Pink: Friendship, Self-Love, Harmony, Femininity, Romance, Creation, Sex
  • Red: Passion, Lust, Anger, Ambition, Combat, Self-Esteem, Power
  • Gold: Money, Wealth, Power, Royalty, Inspiration
  • Silver: Divination, Lunar Magick, Psychic Abilities
  • Gray: liminal workings, traversing between realms unseen
  • Brown: Security, Animal Magick, Fruitfulness, Grounding, Telepathy

Clothing Websites

:womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat: :womans_clothes: :witch_hat:


I didn’t know all this that is really cool to know :sunglasses: I always wear black purple and grey. There just colors I love. Oh and teal idk but I love teal.


This is awesome, and I really love the handy clothing color magick list! One can really work some beautiful magick when they mindfully pick out their outfits :blush: :dress: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing these great resources, @Missa! :heart:


Found a neat video on the history of Witch Fashion! I recommend watching this :tv:


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