Witchy Housewarming Gifts!

Hello beautiful ones!
I am so excited because my sister and her family have finally moved closer to me (like 20 minutes away! WOOT!) and they are currently closing on their new house right now (Also WOOT!) and today is also my sister’s birthday (Again… WOOT!)

So… I am thinking about birthday and house warming gifts. My sister is a witch and I’d like to get/make her a few things for her new home. I found a tea towel that says “In this kitchen filled with care, I welcome fire, earth, water, air” and I thought maybe a “Kitchen Witch Aesthetic” sign. What are your other favorite witchy household items?


So many exciting things at once! Congratulations and a happy birthday to her! :black_heart:

When my sister-in-law moved out of the family home, I made her a basic little jar, mostly filled with apatite crystals for her to put in her kitchen. The idea was to help foster her creativity and help her with communication with others – two things specific to her needs. I don’t have a photo of hers, but here’s the matching one I made for myself:

Perhaps you could create something similar for her? If not a jar, there’s also the idea of a lovely kind of wreath with bells on it for her to hang on the inside of her front door for protection. Here are mine, with extra tiny little jars of white and black salt, for an example:

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at with more words than probably necessary, is that either something catering to anything personal to her or protection items are usually easy approaches. :black_heart:


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your sister!

You can’t go wrong with a good candle. And this is the time of year to find signs for the home with a witch aesthetic. I have one up all year that says Not All Witches Live in Salem.


Happy birthday :partying_face: to your sister. So happy for you. My favourite Witchy items are books on witchy things. Something magical about a house full of books. :sparkling_heart:


A broom is a traditional gift with many mundane and magickal uses! Here is a turkey-wing altar broom I made over the weekend:



Oh my stars! What a gorgeous broom! :heart_eyes: I love it so.

I’m starting to see how it’s tied can affect its shape. That’s so wonderful. :black_heart:


Happy house closing and happy birthday to your sister! What an exciting time! :heart: :house: :birthday:

There have been some great ideas already shared for fun witchy house-welcoming gifts. Does she already have a big stovetop pot? If not, that’s a great gift as a functioning Kitchen Witch’s cauldron. An enchanted stirring spoon is another good tool- which reminds me of @Silverbear’s beautiful DIY Yule Charms! :spoon: :sparkles:

Anyways, wishing her all the best with the big move! I’m sure she will be appreciative of any gift you bring to celebrate the special occasions :blush: :two_hearts:


Oh wow, so many fun and exciting things happening all at once - congratulations to your sister!

I made this candle for a friend of mine when they moved it a new home. Something like this could be helpful. I chose herbs that would be helpful for her in her situation. Under the herbs, I carved a sigil I made with the initials of everyone who lives in the house. I also carved a sigil in the candle for protection and happiness.

:purple_heart: Lavender for peace.
:yellow_heart: Calendula for healing.
:sparkling_heart: Rose petals for love.


What is her usual pattern when moving? I usually crave friendship enough to get myself into trouble whenever I move. Perhaps a spell to help ease the transition or a Pegasus, which does the same thing?

@MeganB Gorgeous candle!

@starborn I once did something similar to your bells, tying feathers, beadwork, mini bags of herbs for the elements, and painting a central piece with a symbol of myself, and tying it all onto a large craft hoop. It had a very Native American feel to it. I hung it over my bed until I was forced to leave it behind, but it was for me a good way to hide my beliefs in plain sight as my mother was into leather crafting and Native American art at the time.


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your sister! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: