Witchy Self-Love Birthday Ritual

For my best friend’s Birthday back in October she was desperately craving some rest and me-time… so I made her a witchy Birthday box with a couple of self-love rituals she could do on her special day. I figured I’d share it with you all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Part 1 - Tea Ritual with chocolate truffles and a gold candle

Box included:

  • chocolate pu erh tea
  • honey
  • homemade vegan truffles
  • pretty ‘be happy’ mug
  • gold birthday candle
  • small bottle of drinkable moon water with edible gold glitter


  • make a cup of pu erh with honey and a splash of moon water
  • follow the uplifting pu erh guided meditation using gold candle.
    As you light the candle pause the meditation and say:
    This is my happiest Birthday. So begins the best year ever and I will endeavour joyfully to make each day a treasure.
  • complete the meditation, drink tea, eat truffles. yum.
  • Have a think about something that you would like to attract to your life this Birthday and when you’re ready, take your candle to the window/door and blow it out as you make your wish, allowing the smoke to travel out into the Universe.

Part 2 - Self-Love Potion and Birthday Flower Ritual

Box included:

  • Raspberry and vanilla gin (chosen for loving properties and friend’s taste)
  • Tonic water (g&t potion haha)
  • white rose incense
  • gold candle
  • rose quartz
  • large pink rose (large roses are lucky Libran flowers, I chose light pink for happiness, love, friendship, joy and gratitude)


  • Create an altar with rose quartz in North, incense in East, Candle in South, Tonic Water in West.
  • Light candle and incense
  • Gently peel petals off the rose and create a circle joining the elements together - use the same number of petals as years you are celebrating e.g. 30th birthday = 30 petals.
  • Create potion (in this case simply adding gin to tonic). Stir with right hand clockwise whilst holding rose quartz in left hand. Focus on pouring your intentions and the power of the crystal into your potion as you stir. Say:
    I welcome the passing of the years, the best is yet to appear.
  • Enjoy!
  • As you enjoy your potion, tell each rose petal something that you love about yourself or something you want to say about yourself… and put it in the present tense. e.g. ‘I am loved’ ‘I am beautiful’ ‘I am emotionally and physically strong’ ‘I am healthy’ ‘I am enough’ ‘I believe in myself’ ‘I am brave’ ‘I am financially secure’ ‘I have wonderful friends who love me’ etc.
  • When you have done this, gather your petals and take them outside, find the moon in the sky.
  • Say:
    Dear Moon, I welcome the passing of the years,
    the best is yet to appear, and here I open the door to a beautiful future.
    Happy Birthday to me, and so you can see,
    I welcome the future. Birthday wishes fly free!
  • Blow the petals into the wind.

I believe the remaining petals on the rose were used in a self-love bath with essential oils and moon water that evening! What a great Birthday! I think I’ll do something similar for mine as crazy parties are out this year haha :joy:


Oh this is a wonderful thing to do for your birthday. I love it!


That is a wonderful gift! Who doesn’t need a little self love an pampering. Thank you for sharing.


Absolutely love this idea - thank you for sharing.


What a great idea! I bet your friend really loved that.


You’re a great friend! That’s a sweet thing to do!


Does life get any better than this!? :tea::chocolate_bar::candle::relaxed:

This is such a gorgeous ritual- I love how it has two parts that build off of one another. This was so thoughtful of you to write, @Limeberry! Thanks so much for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: