Witchy supply kits? Do you purchase them online?

So I totally did a thing recently that has brought me immense joy.

Ever since my beginning in this work I have gone online and purchased little witchcraft supply kits here and there. It’s how I restocking herbs candles and stuff it’s just kind of easy because they have so many things included in them. Usually I go on Etsy and purchase from there. I really like the homemade feel and knowing that I’m helping to support another witch in their journey makes me feel good and involved in the community.

Normally I have a rule of spending no more than $50 on kits. It’s a good rule because I can tend to go overboard. During holidays and stuff I’ll go a little bit higher. For example during Samhain, I let myself spend $100 but about four separate kids and I ended up with more stuff than I could handle. It was truly exciting.

So recently, I was approved for a line of credit on Amazon. I had $2,000 I could spend and basically not feel because I can take care of in small payments. Well… I took a splurging moment and I spent $300 on a supply box. Crazy right?

This box came with so many things. Tons of crystals. A little bag full of candles. An actual Old world type candle holder which is really cool. A selenite orb. 40 separate bottles of herbs. Some of the herbs I’ve never even heard of which is unbelievably exciting to me, but it came with a little booklet explaining what all of them are for… Parchments. It had a chalice. Selenite charging plank. Incenses and sage bundles. An altar cloth that is huge. A bag of purple sand. And charcoal discs which are like gold to me. It even has tongs for the charcoal. The only thing that I’m noticing just as I’m writing this that wasn’t included that probably should have been was a little spoon. Where’s my little spoon?!

Here’s a picture …

Do you ever purchase these kits online? Have you ever bought the “huge” kit?


Oh wow, what a treat! :star_struck:
One day… :sweat_smile:


My stepmom purchased all my stuff from kits online but most of my crystals came from stores and my herbs came from a website called herbco. I’m hoping one day I can purchase one of the big kits!


I don’t tend to necessarily buy kits… I do have a subscription box from Tamed Wild but I have kind of select sites or shops that I will usually use to buy different things. Whether it’s through a school where I’m taking courses, a “small” business such an Etsy shop… or being directed to Amazon from different witchy sites for their items.
I do regularly buy my chime candles :candle: from Amazon & different charms for things that I make for my practice.


Oh wow, that’s such a huge kit! :astonished: I’ll be honest - I’ve never purchased a kit like this from anyone, Etsy or Amazon lol but you’re definitely missing a little spoon! Hopefully, you can find a nice one!



Do you ever purchase these kits online? Have you ever bought the “huge” kit?

Jefeseus STOP!
If you want it and want it now (like me) and it isn’t going to burden you financially, go crazy, buy to your heart’s desire.
It’s your money to spend as you want or need. But, you don’t have to buy it all at once.
Have you considered making your supplies & if you don’t mind
used or 2nd had stuff, you can pick up the most amazing things at lawn sales, estate sales, and anywhere, actually?
OK, that’s my Grandma’s advice. No matter what you get, have fun and share it with us. Yay for new stuff!!


I love :heart: making or repurposing things I find! Thrift stores & yard or estate sales are amazing places to find things!

I have a Labradorite palm stone that I found in some things I had from an estate type of bundle.

My family will bring me home things that they find in their daily travels too that I put to use somehow.

I really like making things or repurposing things I already have to be used in some way too. Most of my things are that way!

I do have a bit of a deck collecting addiction :face_with_hand_over_mouth: & books :books: those are Neverending wish lists :rofl:


Look at all those treasures- that kit was loaded with fun things! :star_struck:

The closest I’ve come is with a candle kit- I tend to collect things I find one at a time and hoard them away (often literally in boxes while I’m on the road or in between trips).

I guess I’m like a little witchy squirrel :joy::chipmunk:

I do love seeing and hearing about the fun witchy kits that others get- these are really fun to see! Thank you for sharing and I hope all of your new treasures serve you well @Jefeseus :blush:

Blessed be!


@jessie6 dude thats awesome. Im with @Susurrus i dont buy large kits. I also have a subscription to tamedwild.com however when i first started my journey i thought ALL witches had to have herbs. So i went on an herb kit splurge. They came in itty bitty baggies. But i didnt care i HAD to have them. Hence why now now i have 162 herbs. Many of them i have bought in bulk now, but in the beginning oh no. I went nuts. Drove my hubsband crazy. And whats worse is for the past 12 yrs apparently we have been cultivating my yard to be a witch’s yard, and i didnt even know it. As i have so many herbs already here.

Best of luck to u. That is a beautiful kit. If u need help with the herbs u arent familiar with just hit me up. I try to live up to my name, that the coven gave me. Make sure u cleanse everything and make it your own. And a little spoon is super easy to get. I have one.


Nice kit!!!

I haven’t bought one online before but yours has me tempted!

What is with the little spoon? Why is it needed? I am new to some aspects of witchcraft- like the items/utensils used. Before, I have always just used energy.


I just realized that buying such a hoard all at once, even if it’s lovely stuff, would kind of overwhelm me to be honest. I like to gather things at my own pace, one by one, and get to know each item personally :heart: The same thing applies with getting to know new people, even though I’ve slowly got better with it, I don’t need to know everyone’s life story and energy signature after the first meeting, if I can remember half the names I’m happy… :sweat_smile:


I think it’s just the little spoon to get the herbs out of the jars :blush:


Oh! Lol. Thanks :pray:


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have a copper little spoon for my Brigid homemade incense & a silver little spoon for my Morrigan homemade incense to get some from their jars & put them on the charcoal disk. I have a wooden spoon a little larger for getting or the mixing herbs from or in jars, bowls, packages… for what I’m creating, offering, etc…

If you wanted to use or have a little spoon… you could buy like a baby’s first spoon :spoon: & see if it’s something that you would have a use for or even use a 1/8 tsp or 1/4 tsp from measuring spoon sets before investing in specific ones.


That is an amazing set! I bought a small set a few years ago and it was not a good experience but I bought one a few months ago that I’m very happy with
It had may a dozen herbs, those I’m not overly crazy about never nothing had much smell to it but that’s my only complaint and some of them are kind of hard to find and the description on each bag is incredibly thorough. It had 12 bottles crystal chips that are the biggest ones I’ve seen, a little ceramic dish, a little wooden spoon and tongs, a Kraft paper notebook, some candles and a few drawstring bags. I might buy it again


I never thought of a baby spoon, that’s brilliant


I didn’t do it that way but whatever works for you, works for you.

I started with one Lisa Chamberlin’s free ebooks, and discovered that I had a number of witch tools already on hand. Mostly because I thought they were new agey and cool.

Some things I made, and the rest I acquired either through amazon, etsy, walmart, Goodwill or online crystal shops.

Now I need some thing that is hard to buy - storage! I have a Plan…

Again whatever works for you. I preferred to curate my own supplies but I did buy an herb bundle from etsy. Careful with that line of credit…might sneak up on you…


I agree with @Jefeseus & @anon87969570 if that is what works for you in your practice & you can afford it, then absolutely go for it! It’s your practice & if it feels good to you then that’s all that really matters! :revolving_hearts:


Hey, I too have bought a few of Lisa Chamberlain’s ebooks! :smiling_face: :innocent: They are too good, especially for beginners like me! :grin: :heart: