Witchy Vibe Wednesday

So today I invested in a Nordic Rune set and book, Runes are an interest of mine and I totally vibe with Norse culture and history. I’m a Viking fan and of course love my dragons. These things just hold a familiar feeling for me. I found some miscellaneous wood blocks so I’m crafting sigil’s and witches symbols on them today that I will wood burn and paint to display on my altar.
I’m excited to learn the Runes, anyone else use Runes?
Blessed Be,


I tried but it just confused me, which is odd since I get the tarot which has more cards. Maybe I just didn’t connect with them? I’m glad you’re getting into them though, they are fascinating!


@Rowan that’s awesome! I think by making your own you will connect with them & they will already have your energy.

@Amethyst same here. I am not drawn to them but I am to tarot & the pendulum.

Definitely fascinating & I love the imagery of them too. I have some cheat sheets for them, but like I said it’s not something that I am drawn to on a regular basis. It’s more curiosity & fascination.


I use runes only I have to use a book to do a reading! I am still working with them here and there. I haven’t picked them up in a while so maybe this will encourage me to do that today!
I have a couple sets.


@Amethyst thank you, I’m hoping I get a good understanding of them. You’re right they are fascinating.
@Siofra Thanks, oh these aren’t made by me I bought the runes. I have a set that I made out of glass rocks but I just don’t like them. I’m making two wood blocks with sigil’s and symbols of the craft for my altar. I’m drawn to Tarot, the Pendulum, palmistry, and runes.
@Jeannie1 Cool! You’ll have to show me your runes, I got a book with mine separately…lol figured I’d need a more thorough one than what comes with them. :joy::nerd_face:


That sounds amazing, @Rowan! :heart_eyes: Good luck with your sigil carving. I’d love to see a picture when you’re finished! :two_hearts:

Runes have always fascinated me and I love hearing about others’ experiences working with them- however I haven’t used them much in my own magickal practice! I do love my Icelandic rune talismans :compass: though- I carry one with me on my bag whenever I go out :blush: