Wolf Moon 2023

Hi not really a topic I just wanted to show my wolf and
orange candle. Any one else,wanna share their wolf moon ritual?


Beautiful candle ritual, @megan33! I haven’t done any spells for the moon yet, although I’m planning to leave a spell jar I made two nights ago and some new crystal bracelets on the windowsill to charge (I just have to remember to put them there before I fall asleep haha!) :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing your beautiful spellwork! May your wolf moon intentions manifest positively for you :pray::heart:

Blessed be! :wolf::full_moon:


I haven’t done anything for this Full Moon yet but I love your ritual setup :blush:

The flame on your candle is nice and bright! :sparkles: :candle:


Wolf Moon 2023 has passed, but the next full moon will be coming up soon!