Wolf Moon House cleanse

So last night I felt the need to do a house cleanse. Been a hot minute since I had done one (I do a ‘circle’ with every shift in my room but not the whole house). With it being the full moon, it felt right. So I ‘banished’ the negative, did a circle then blessed the house. Also spoke to the Goddess, if that makes sense. I wanted her to hear my plans for the next few weeks. I wanted to make sure things got better, that I stayed on track. Also felt like I needed my intention heard to fix, if it could, my relationship at least with my mother. It will take more to fix my relationship with my dad. I am still upset with him a bit but I am working on that.

Felt good, I felt so connected last night. I slept very well after that, lol.

What did everyone do on the Wolf moon?


I spent some time outside, smoked some hookah, and put together my manifestation box for 2023. I also did some divination, meditation, and journaling!

I’m glad you had a wonderful and productive full moon! :revolving_hearts: I’m sure the Goddess heard you and can help you in any way she can.


Hi @Lady_Nimue_Selene

For the Wolf Moon, I meditated, releasing negative energy and bringing in Light energy. I have been focusing on keeping motivated and on track. I really feel like it’s a good time to make changes for the better.

Both of my parents passed many years ago, and I have forgiven them. I will always be grateful for the lessons I have learned from them. It has taken a while for me to get to this point in my life. I would not change anything, because I would not be the person I am now!

I’m so glad you slept well and feel connected!

With Wolf :wolf: Moon :full_moon: Blessings always!


it’s always nice, and it makes me fuzzy and warm when i hear people trying to mend the path between family members. that’s all. i hope i get the closing salutations right.
So mote it be.


Those moments of connection feel amazing! Nothing like a good house cleanse to get all that accomplished. I am planning to sit and do some reflection tonight… I hope… pushing it a little with this full moon. I always seem to have so much happening at the full moon… I have got to get better at planning my rituals earlier and having my life together!


A planner is super helpful for me, but never forget that just because you miss (or even skip) a full moon doesn’t mean you’re any less of a witch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You are such a doll! I know! It’s just one of my goals that I wanted to focus on a little more this year!


I also banished some negative energies around me and then I meditated. I mostly do my full moon castings in the mornings so I didn’t have that much time to do anything else.


@AileyGrey I honestly… was in bed around 8 PM… I didn’t do much for the first full moon of 2023. I just didn’t have the energy or head space. Thats okay though, it happens to all of us at one time or another.

I also have to get better at planning out things too. So I started printing out my Weekly Witchy Planner. I’m going to start kind of working on it Sunday nights so I have a sort of plan for Monday & the week ahead.