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Are you able to do more than 1 spell at the sametime or is it best to focus on one ? For example I am asking for help from Ochosi and was curious if I can do a unlock spell or should I wait


I’ve only done one or two spells at a time. I guess it depends on what the spells are.


I usually keep my magic as focused as possible, meaning that I do only one ‘thing’ at a time. Now I might do a spell as part of a ritual but generally one spell per ritual. I might do a ritual at noon and one at midnight, but generally a one to one ratio.


Thank you :blush:


I have done more than one spell at a time plenty of times. I think your practice is so interesting :slight_smile: What is an unlocking spell?


To remove obstacles/blockage and open doors for me also new opportunities


That’s a great question, @Babywitchbxtch, and I can see you’ve already got some great answers!

There was a similar question asked a while back and @MeganB wrote a fantastic response. I can’t say it any better than she did, so I’ll add a link to it here for you:

Everyone has their own limits and routines- I’d say go ahead and cast the first spell and then see how you feel. If the second spell is related to or similar to the first, then they very well might complement each other.

However, if the additional spells are for completely different intentions, I imagine it would be hard and draining to continuously change and direct your focus. Pretty exhausting spellwork! It never hurts to take a break in between and come back later, refreshed :relaxed:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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