Working with a triad

Hello everyone and blessed be

I have a question (another!) about working with deities. Sorry if this should be obvious or common sense.

I have been working with the Egyptian triad of Osiris, Isis and Horus. I ask them and pray to them for different purposes ie Osiris for prosperity and caring for passed loved ones, isis for magical guidance and healing, and Horus for strength, courage and problem solving.

I was wondering though, when working with a triad, do all 3 have to be acknowledged every time i am working with them. E.g. in the morning, i may speak to isis at my altar. Do i have to speak with the other 2 as well? If i leave an offering for 1, do i leave one for all 3? Should i pray to them all daily or only the one whose help i am seeking? It sounds silly but i dont want to “ignore” others at the risk of showing favouritism. Even if i have perhaps spoken to another deitiy out with the triad e.g. Anubis because my grandmother is reaching the end of her life, i feel guilty that i have not acknowledge the other 3.

I would appreciate your input and advice.

Blessed be



This is a great question - and there’s no need to apologize for anything! Not every question has an easy or obvious answer, and this question has one of those it depends on you answers.

For me, working with multiple deities doesn’t mean that all three of them have to be worshipped, honored, or given offerings at the same time. I view working with and worshipping deities as a relationship of sorts. If I am working with them on a specific subject or concern of mine, I would interact with them when necessary. Some deities get worshipped all the time, no matter what. It honestly depends.

I hope my bit of rambling makes sense. My coffee hasn’t kicked in this morning :laughing:


Hi Alan, what a complex but timely question,

I’ve been studying Aset recently (isis) and she is the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. She represented unending devotion and love as well as magic. After Osiris was murdered she searched the world for his body parts and had a son with him, Horus. She became the heroine of the myth overcoming terrible tragedy.

Osiris was the King of Egypt and was portrayed as a good King who died (murdered), was resurrected, and became the king of the underworld. He was the hero in the myth, defeating death.

Horus, son of Osiris and Aset lost his kinghood, as well as his left eye, to Set, his uncle. But after 80 years won back his crown. Set was castrated and left childless. Horus became the savior of his kingdom and people.
A well put together tale.

These are very strong Gods and although I never read about jealousy between the three. At the same time, it would be polite to at least acknowledge them during your rituals.

This is just my opinion, Alan
Your heart will lead you in the right direction.


Thank you for that.

Yes the myths that link the three are fascianting. Ive been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and its mythology since i was a child. I think thats why there was such a strong pull towards these three specific deities.

I just wasnt sure whether or not i had to involve all three in my rituals. I didnt want to leave one out so to speak. I say a prayer to each in the morning but it can be very time consuming, especially with tje limitations of having to get to work. I was even speaking my prayers aloud as I was driving to work. This made me think:

Are my daily morning prayers to long winded?
Is it required on a daily basis for all 3?

These are thinks ill need to consider while I continie to fine tune my practice

Blessed be


Thank you for your response. I do think i overthink at times. I can be my own worst enemy.

Its almost as though feel.guilt for not including them all because i have given my time to each and asked each of them to assist me. I wonder if when workong with one e.g. in a ritual it would be acceptable to simply acknowledge the other two as opposed to working with them and offering to them.

Also, i think my morning prayers to all 3 are too drawn out. Perhaps a simple acknowledgement to each in the morning would suffice.

Blessed be


To simplify the triad, when you’re beginning your ritual, acknowledge all three and continue as if the ‘three are one’. End the same way.
It’s like ‘the father, son, and holy ghost’ As you say your prayers, it’s understood that you are addressing all three.
Will that be easier for you Alan?
PS: Unless you are a high priest, your ceremonies can be what you’ve planned.
You can pray to each separately or as one triad, it’s your choice and your relationship with the Gods.


I swear little one when you submit an answer, it’s like I just wrote it.
You are very knowledgeable and kind.
If honor needs to be earned?
You’ve earned it.
Much love and support


Thank you. Would you say that one offering can be made for all 3?


As you’ve already acknowledged the triad and asked for their blessing, one gift should be enough. After researching, incense and or dried fruit can be an offering for all three.
This is my opinion, do what your heart agrees to.


Thank you for your insight. It is much appreciated.

Blessed be


I think you should ask yourself why you feel this way. Oftentimes our guilt can come from interesting places!

Now, I’m not too familiar with Egyptian deities and their mythology, but I can say with confidence that in ancient times, not every person or household gave offerings to all the deities at the same time. Everyone probably didn’t acknowledge every single deity with offerings, either, if that makes sense.

If you feel like your prayers are too long then it’s totally fine to change them and shorten them. I feel like that’s a personal decision and if the deities are going to take issue with it, they will let you know in one way or another – usually by sending you signs that they don’t like the change.

Aww thank you, Garnet :blush: I appreciate that! I try my very best!

I know Garnet already gave you an answer but I wanted to put my thoughts here, too :blush: The best way to answer this question is to ask the deities yourself. Some deities will prefer their own offerings. Some deities won’t mind sharing. It’s up to them to decide - My suggestion would be to pull out your favorite divination method and see what they have to say about it :blush:


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