Would You Use an Animated Tarot Deck?

Holy cow that is unique. I might have to save for it lol! I also am in love with that D&D deck, I might have to get it for my daughter. She is pretty obsessed with D&D!


oh, I’m so in love with this!!! I just need to drop some not so subtle hints to people to get this for my birthday next month!!! :heart_eyes:


@Solasta_Amore Thank you, Solasta- same to you! Much love and many blessings :hugs: :heartpulse:

@Susurrus Ohhh so exciting- I hope your new decks arrive quickly and safely to you! And haha I know the feeling- too many intriguing decks, never enough money for them all! :laughing: :+1:

@MeganB That’s a really good point about the texture, I imagine they feel quite a bit different from the standard still picture card. As much as I love seeing the flip through videos, knowing how it feels in-hand is still something that could only be done in person! :flower_playing_cards:

@Melora_Fae Same here! I love D&D too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: After looking into the D&D deck they have, it seems more like something I would keep as a collector’s piece than something to read with (they use their own system for numbering the cards- the suits and arcana are different). But it opened up Narnia, because through this D&D deck I found out there are a whole bunch of D&D decks out there- very exciting! :laughing:

@GemRobin76 Oh, that’s a great idea! :star_struck: Wishing you a happy early birthday, and I hope you get any and all decks you desire! :flower_playing_cards: :two_hearts: :blush:


I think this would be the only thing to keep me from getting it unless I could feel it in hand first and see how big the cards are and how thick they are. It’s like my Somnia tarot. I love the cards but they’re huge. I can’t shuffle them the way I normally do so I have to adapt. It’s a struggle sometimes and I’m not sure if I would have gotten them if I knew how big they were going to be :sweat_smile:


I feel you! I have small-ish hands, so any deck with cards bigger than the standard playing cards is a bit of a challenge for me. Let’s just say there are a lot more jumpers :joy:

It makes me wish there were more places or ways to “try out” a tarot deck before buying it. Even in the store, cards are wrapped or in boxes and it can be hard to tell- it’d be nice to have some kind of hands-on exhibit, like at a museum or a festival. We need more witchy festivals and conventions! :laughing: :mage: :sparkles:


haha yes, yes we do! At least more accessible ones that don’t cost hundreds of dollars to attend. I think a booth with a tarot card “try before you buy” setup would do amazingly well at something like that :laughing:


Cheers to that! :raised_hands:

Agreed- it would be like at the game fests when they have stations where you can play a demo of the game to get a feel for it, only with tarot cards! :flower_playing_cards: :grinning:


Thanks foot sharing this deck and the walk through. :slight_smile: I am not sure i would like it. It is neat but I feel it would detract from my readings. And the price, definitely would have to LOVE a deck before even considering that price!


You’re welcome, Phoenix! :blush: I know the feeling- even when it looks like a deck wouldn’t be a good match, it’s still fun to window shop! :grinning: :window:

Agreed! :laughing: :+1:


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