Yoga Witchcraft?

So in browsing books over the past few weeks, I saw a few books on yoga witchcraft. And then I ran across this article on it from one of the authors of one of the books:

I’ve been trying to practice yoga more regularly so I was interested to know more, but I feel like I’m not fully understanding it. Is it practicing witchcraft while doing yoga? Is it just using yoga to strengthen your focus and intuition? Am I missing what this is entirely?

I guess I’m trying to understand if I really need a book for this (or anything more than just my current yoga app, I suppose) to learn more or if it’s just that the two practices compliment each other.

Hopefully that makes sense!


Just on a basic look at the article and the book, I would say it’s just focusing on yoga as the exercise to pair with witchcraft. Exercise can be a core part of witchcraft because it’s part of taking care of your body, it helps you focus, it trains your discipline, etc. and those are all things that witchcraft may require. I think you can switch this up with any exercise or physical movement and witchcraft.


Thanks, @MeganB!

That makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your insight on it. I think I already do a lot of what you mentioned without the books so I’m happy to not add to my always increasing to-read list :laughing:


Ooh, what a good question! I’ve been incorporating yoga into my routine and thinking of it as enhancing my practice sounds really motivating.


That’s exactly how I felt, @JadeMermaid_Lara! I need some extra motivation some days to make self-care more of a priority and thinking about it as an aid to my practice is a good nudge!


Of course! I’m glad to help! :blush:


This was an interesting read, it made me realize that yoga is already a very devotional practice for me, I wouldn’t add anything to it. It’s a ritual space, time flows differently and there’s no room for everyday thoughts there. Just the breath and the body and that’s everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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