Zodiac Signs as Movies

@Cosmic_Curiosity, the ONE movie I haven’t seen from this list- The Life of Pi!! :rofl: :rofl: I guess I will now need to put it on my “to watch” list. Thank you for this, you have the most intriguing posts! Thank you again.


Maybe I’m a “dark Capricorn”, but last October when my husband and I were doing our annual 31 days of horror movie challenge, we watched American Psycho (the theme that day was “Urban Horror”), and I spent most of the film going, “This guy is a Capricorn who has lost his dang mind!” :laughing:

My husband is a Cancer with a Scorpio Moon, and he said that he really resonates with The Crow. :face_with_monocle:


@jp26 You are very welcome. It is a great movie and I would be interested to hear what you thought of the main character’s experieince…I’m trying not to give anything away but it very much resonates with that Piscean line between reality and imagination.

@michelle24 I have never seen American Psycho. One maybe for my list as I do love a horror movie.

With regards to the Crow…Being a Cancer Sun suggests emotional sensitivity, nurturing qualities, and a strong attachment to family. Scorpio Moon suggests intensity, passion, depth, and a need for emotional transformation. So together you have a nurturing person who is fiercly protective of loved ones but also embraces dark, mysterious or transformative aspects of life.

The Crow is all about revenge, death, and rebirth. The main character (can’t remember his name) wants revenge for his and his fiancé’s murder. The dark themes definitley resonate with the Scorpio archetype. It may be that your husband resonates with the feelings linked to the character’s need for revenge as these deep, intense emotions are a Scorpio Moon trait. We see the link to Scorpio’s need for transformation through the character being brought back to life and seeking vengance. Even the movie’s dark and gothic atmosphere resonates to Scorpio’s love of mystery and more unusual things.

Just a guess. I might be way off :joy::joy:


@Cosmic_Curiosity Oooh, you’re not way off. Really spot on.

American Psycho is about a 1980s yuppie who, for lack of a better term, goes completely bonkers. His scenes of carnage are interspersed with scenes of him casually nerding out over his interests.

My Moon is Aries and my rising is Virgo… really a “no nonsense” trifecta. I’ve been told I sound like I’m debating in pretty much every conversation. My husband’s charts and I might seem to suggest we have a lot of power struggles but we don’t, it really only comes out when we’re playing games against each other. Family game night can get a little… heated lol.


@Cosmic_Curiosity I also love :heart: books that make you go… okay, 1 more page, I’ll stop on the next page with a sentence that is ended, okay, a few more pages, 1 more chapter… My favorite things about reading. I get so into the book & really IN the book, the whole world could pass me by & I’d never know.

I didn’t even know that there was a Da Vinci tour! That’s awesome that you are so close to one of those sites. My husband was raised Catholic, but much more strict Catholic than I was *(I was a bit more, uh no, don’t like this… from a very young age & would make it known that I wasn’t interested & wasn’t going to sit still & be quiet while we were there :joy: My Catholic family, not fans, & gave up trying to bring me every Sunday, then after 10th grade stopped attempting sending me to “Sunday School”, & then just gave up entirely when it came to Christmas Eve after I got my license. I suppose having many questions no one could answer didn’t help. Then, they threw in the towel when I said if I stepped into a church, it would most likely burn down if the Holy Water didn’t start boiling at the very least.

I was completely enthralled with the movie, too. So many things came to his mind from his upbringing & Catholicism, which led to pausing the movie to sort of ‘discuss’ then there were other things that he went to; I feel like I know what this part is all about, but it’s not… there & when I would tell him, he’d be :exploding_head: this makes so much sense & could be a thing… Any time my husband has that reaction to things & we start discussing different things like pentagrams, pentacles, & how, in movies, a lot of times, the symbol is wrong for the context… He did say in the beginning, when Tom was still in the States during his class, that I needed an auditorium because what he was talking about is a lot like me when I have found something I need to know more about and then want to share. He said I need an auditorium… just without the people… :rofl:

@DreamWithin The Crow is one of my all-time favorite movies! Even the soundtrack. I can watch that over & over. It always appealed to me for so many reasons & there are too many to list… but I do think I know what I’m watching later on!


I am the same. My partner doesn’t understand how I can read at home when there is music or a TV on or how I can read on the train with people around me chatting. I just get lost in the story.

The tour was great. Not sure if it still a thing as that was almost 20 years ago. Was interesting as some things in the movie aren’t actually there e.g. the bathroom in the Louvre that overlooks the bridge. You also can’t go onto the inverted pyramid like he does at the end (I tried​:joy::joy:) its in the middle of a roundabout and filthy with bird poop.

I am not from a strict religious family. They are Protestant but not forceful about it. I did go to Sunday School too but as I got older, I also had many questions, some of which the answers didn’t sit right with me and my family accepted that. Infact none of them attend church any longer and my mum especially has become increasingly sceptical of Christianity in general. That seems to be the general trend in the UK with the country becoming more and more secular.

This is a “pause and explain” movie for sure. My partner and I have had many discussions about it. I love the bit at the beginning with the misconceptions around the symbols e.g. the devil was actually Poseidon with his pitchfork, the KKK were actually Spanish priests and of course Mary and Baby Jesus was actually Isis and Horus. I am actually reading a book just now about the imagery that Christianity borrowed from Ancient Egypt. Interesting stuff. I will be your audience in your auditorium and you can be mine :joy:


I am definitely the same. I would much rather read the book :open_book: before seeing the movie too.

My husband was brought up in a much more strict Catholic home. He attended Catholic school from 6th Grade through about 10th… he left the school…

His family also went to Church for every holiday, every Sunday, Sunday school. His mother worked for the ArchDiocese school system.

My family was Roman Catholic & Irosh Catholic. There were certain things they absolutely followed. We were expected to go to Church on Sundays, Sunday School… I was tough to handle in the church or in Sunday school. (They called it CCD)

After I was more forced than willingly participating, to be Confirmed in the Church… shortly after I had my driver’s license & at that point they gave up trying which spun into a whole new “thing” about me within the family which is what led to my line about the Holy Water boiling or the Church burning if I entered.

It was a very long time before going to church was brought up to me again. Also short lived. Now, we just don’t discuss religion or spirituality in that sense anymore.

My husband & I though, when symbold come up & we start talking about how they are perceived now vs then, ate some of my favorites. The part in ghe movie where he’s giving the lecture was absolutely :100: 1 of my favorites parts of the movie.


I must be an Aquarius at heart.

Also, Gladiator is one of my favourite movies, so I’m inclined to wish that were my own birth month movie instead of Ratatouille. :laughing:

We watched Gladiator again the other night. That opening battle scene is so epic. :heart_eyes:

Oh, and the music. Love it! :black_heart:

And he nerds out so much harder in the book. There’s a whole chapter about those albums he goes on about. :laughing:

But Christian Bale was perfect for the role in the movie. He definitely understood the assignment. Realised that it’s entirely absurd and comedic, and didn’t take it too seriously or try to make the character redeemable at all. :black_heart:


This is awesome. What a fun way to associate signs. I like the Gladiator for Aries, I can relate to this.


Maybe it is strong on your chart.

I’m a Ratatouille as well :mouse2::man_cook:

Im a Ratatoulli sun, Inception Moon and Catch Me if You Can Rising . Now there is a new way to look at your chart :joy: :joy:


I don’t think I have strong Venus :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Perhaps Taurus
Venus is in Aries 5H and Taurus North Node also 5H. Also my 6H and 7H have Taurus :face_with_monocle:( I go with placidus - whole sign doesnt make sense for myself).
Maybe I just like food :rofl:


You are correct. It is my moon sign. :smile:

I like it! So, I’m a Ratatouille sun, Inception moon, and Coco rising! :laughing:

I also like food. :laughing:


Awww, put like that I’m Coco sun, Catch me if you can moon and Indiana Jones rising… that sounds like a whole lot of passion, charisma and love for adventure! :smile_cat: