Zodiac Signs as Movies

Hello everyone,

I thought I would try something a bit different and decided to try and link the 12 zodiac signs to movies I have watched in the past. Its actually amazing how movies seem to embody the traits of the signs and it could actually help those who are learning astrology if they can make those links.

Aries - Gladiator
Here we see the main character show his leadership and assertiveness (agression too!). We also see the courage and bravery shown by the main character as well has determination and resilence in his pursuit of revenge.

Taurus - Ratatouille
Food is a real Taurus theme as is determination and persistence to see something through. This movie combines all of these. There is also a beauty about the way the little rat (Remy) cooks and he sees it as a sensual experience, also Taurean traits.

Gemini - Catch Me if You Can
When I saw this movie I couldn’t beleive it was based on a true story. The wit, charm and quick thinking of the main character are all Gemini traits. We also see his ability to adapt to his circumstances, his confident communication and his excellent powers of persuasion.

Cancer - Coco
This is one of those movies that takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, sentimentality. We see prime examples of strong family bonds and links to heritages as well as spiritually and intuition, all cancerean traits.

Leo - The Greatest Showman
The main character wants to be (and succeeds in becoming) an entertainer, someone who has the attention of others and can draw them in…just like Leo. We see creative self expression through dance and music. We also see the main character’s ego getting the better of him when he shuns his performers from an after party.

Virgo - The Imitation Game
You don’t get much more analytical and logical than solving the German enigma code during ww2. We see the team meticulously scouring over every little detail as the aim to solve the code. A methodical system was used and the team remain dedicated until the end.

Libra - The Devil Wears Prada
I choose this because we see partnerships of both the loving kind and the professional side. We see the main character trying to build working relationships while trying to maintain a harmonious relationship with her boyfriend. She strives for balance between the 2. We see the main character develop her sense of style, which adds to her social charm and grace (all Libran traits).

Scorpio - The Da Vinci Code
This is a film of mystery, puzzles and hidden information…all.very relevant to Scorpio. We see the main characters ability to think critically and solve these puzzles during their investigation. Cover ups and conspiracy are abound in this movie…right up scorpios Street. Religious artefacts, secret societies and other esoteric ideas all appeal to the Scorpio nature too.

Sagittarius - Indiana Jones
These movies capture the whole Sagittarius idea of adventure and exploration. There is also the need for the main character to expand his understanding of the world around him through is archaeological pursuits. There is also a real sense of independence and the freedom to travel the world.

Capricorn - The Iron Lady
Determination and ambition and shown throughout this movie by the main character. She knows where she wants to be and does what it takes to get there. We see the main character work tirelessly to achieve her goals but at the expense of family time, particularly with regards to her children. Many challenges are faced but she shows resilence and comes out stronger. There is also the real need to leave her mark on society.

Aquarius - Inception
Aquarius love technology and pushing the boundaries of possibility. Therefore, a device which would enable them to enter people’s dreams is right up their street. The conversations between characters are intellectual in nature (nature of reality etc) which ties in with the aquarian idea of intellectual curiosity. Remember though, the whole reason for them doing what they do is for the greater good - the Aquarian trait of humanitarianism.

Pisces - Life of Pi
One thing about this movie is that you are left questioning whether the tiger and other animals were there or were they in the main characters imagination? Did he dream them up or did he used them as a form of escapism to deal with his situation? This is a very Piscean thing to do.

What movie would you give your sun sign?

I’d love to see some of your alternative lists

Blessed be


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Interesting. Thank you. There are a few here I haven’t seen.


Umm yes - that’s one of my favorite movies!! :heart_eyes: :heart:


Life of pi good movie. Plus I like pie lol


I love it! Thank you!


I mean I did and do love the movie Inception :thinking:

Interesting post, thank you!


Wonderful list! I’m a Capricorn and The Iron Lady is a good description! I chuckled when I saw what movie it was! :laughing::blush:


I would’ve picked Indiana Jones too, or Fantastic Beasts for a witch Sagittarius :green_heart:


Nice movies! But I feel closer to Ratatouille than the Gladiator xD


@stavroula Maybe you have strong Taurus or venus in your chart


She certainly left her mark on society in the UK. Whether it was a good one is a massive sore point here :see_no_evil:


What a fun idea! After that I couldn’t read fast enough- I was so excited to see which ones you chose for each sign :laughing: :+1:

You’ve got a second vote from me! The Da Vinci Code clicks with Scorpio energy very well :clap:

Also Ratatouille for Taurus is brilliant- I don’t think I could pick a better movie to represent my moon sign. Love it! :joy:

This was a joy, @Cosmic_Curiosity- thanks for making my morning with these! :laughing: :two_hearts:


Yeh thought it was something a bit different. I think im going to repeat it but with holiday destinations just for a bit of fun but ill wait a couple of weeks.

Glad you agreed with Da Vinci Code. I was thinking Black Swan for a but but then thought Da Vinci code brings in so many different elements and isnt simply a “dark” movie.


Your creativity is boundless, Alan- that’s a really fun idea too! And of course I’m always on board for travel-themed content :laughing: :+1:

I’ll look forward to reading it when it’s ready! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I haven’t seen the Da Vinci Code, but came across it looking for movies. I was definitely intrigued reading it, I did just recently see Devil’s Advocate. I liked that 1 & the perspective of it once figured out/revealed.

Sorry, side quest there, I think I’m going to watch the Da Vinci Code this weekend :hugs:


Are you a scorpio too lol? It definitely has all that appeals to a Scorpio


I absolutely am a Scorpio :sun:

3 out of 4 moderators are Scorpio :sun: :rofl:


Thats why you are all so passionate in what you do on here.


@Cosmic_Curiosity OH MY GOODNESS!!! We watched the Da Vinci Code last code, (truth be told, I will have to watch it again because… kids… :rofl:) But! We are watching it again! It was a lot different than what I expected & at the same time, it seems like something that would happen too (well, not all of it but the overall theme :thinking:) I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Since I have no car, I will have to see which other movies I haven’t seen, and I do have a Virgo :virgo: :crescent_moon: & Capricorn :capricorn: :arrow_up: :hugs:

It really helped that I think Tom Hanks is an amazing actor, especially watching him act from at least the 80s until recently. It’s like watching someone get better over time. There are more than a few actors that I love to watch because of that… another story for another day, I suppose :laughing:


@Susurrus I loved reading the book. It was one of those books where, lying reading in bed, you thought “just one more chapter” then before you knew it the sun was up😂.

I did a Da Vinci Code tour when I went to Paris. It started outside the ritz hotel then took you around the main sites, into the Louvre etc. Rosyln Chapel ( the place near the end) is only half an hour from my house.