3rd time round ? Is someone ( deity) trying to get my attention

Do deities or spirit guides bring things in front of you over n over if they think you didn’t learn what they thought you should of learnt the first time?

It was irony the first time, more so the second but now a third time, I can’t shake the feeling some ones trying to tell me something or get my attention.

It’s not something that living humans are likely to of intentionally keep make happen. Not if it might cause question of their actions or treatment of others.

But trying to figure out if it could be one of guardians ( deities or spirit guides) trying to tell me something and is their a way to figure out who if that’s the case what they want me to do about it or learn if it’s that I didn’t learn the lesson the first time even if I passed the test. I’m not sure if reading too much into it or if may be someone is trying to tell me something but if they are in not sure which one, if I knew who I might have an idea of what they expect me to do or what they want me to learn.

But is that something deities or spirit guides do? Keep throwing something at you if you didn’t learn the lesson or do something they thought you should of done. Or maybe trying to drive a point home because I don’t always know what something isn’t how it’s supposed to be and it would take me a few times to get the point that that situation isn’t normal or ok but I’ve been conditioned to think it was. But that’s why it was ironic, even the first time round…so I already get the situation isn’t ideal but i also know some ppl have it much worse… But what more is there? What did I miss? What did they want me to do? Is it even one of my guardians is trying to say or am I just imagining things or interpreting the situation a certain way cause I’m reading too much into it. . It’s got to a point I can’t help feeling someone trying to get my attention. But who? ? How do I find out ? How do I know what they need/want me to learn or do? I’m like ok I’m not sure who wants my attention but you got my attention. I’m paying attention and seeking answers but I’m not sure where it who to look to for answers. Whose trying to get my attention? What did I miss the first two times? Or was it that I was supposed to do something? The questions just seem to go in circles. I’m not sure how to figure it out or even if there is something to figure out. I’m not even sure if deity or spirit guides do that sort of thing. If they had something they wanted you to learn or do…


It’s definitely possible! You mentioned test so I’m not sure what you mean by that, but it’s very possible that a higher power (substitute whichever word you use here whether that be deity, spirit guide, etc.) could put things in your path more than once to either get your attention, help you learn, or something like that. In my experience, deities can be subtle at first. If I missed a sign or two, then the deity might get more aggressive with their messages. Not aggressive like violent. I can’t think of the right word right now but things start to become more apparent and less subtle.

Anyway, the only way to really know for sure would be to explore what’s been happening with you, see if there have been any signs, and do some divination to figure out who it might be or what might be going on.


That’s an interesting question, Danni! There have been a lot of discussions lately around signs and determining whether or not something carries deeper meaning or is just simply a natural occurrence.

I personally believe that the best teller for whether or not something has deeper meaning is how you feel about it. Trust that intuition of yours! If you’re still unsure, another clear way to determine is through repetition of the sign.

@Silverbear said it well in her discussion Is This a Sign?

It sounds to me like you feel that a higher power has been trying to reach out to you several times. If you’re still not clear about why they are doing so, I would say it’s a good idea to reach out to them (if you feel safe and comfortable doing so).

A good way to confirm signs is through Divination. Ask for clarity with tarot cards or perhaps consult spirits directly through a medium like a Ouija or Spirit Board.

If there is something important you need to know about, I am confident that whoever/whatever is reaching out to you will continue to do so until the message is received or is no longer relevant.

Good luck and blessed be, Danni! :sparkles:


I did a 'reading ’ where I used my deity cards I made for each deity in my clan. I shuffled them like I would an Oracle or tarot deck. I was worried I’d confuse myself if I picked the wrong card cause I couldn’t feel it properly but I thought I’d try. I played all the deity cards out in front of me face down after shuffling and tried to feel which card my hand was drawn to concentrating on the energy. This took a bit cause I was doubting myself and I didn’t have a dice to figure out the card then I remembered I kept seeing Tiewaz in my coffee protein shake several days in a row at least I wondered if looking up the rune it might point to a number or deity or card if a number was associated to it. I wondered if it being a time if it was either Freya or Fenrir cause they are the two Norse deities I follow the rest a celtic. Then my screen saver being cats that might of indicated Freya but I still tried the reading to be sure and guess who I got… Freya! I had no idea where each deity was sitting so to actually think about it n wonder then actually pull her card not only helps me know whose been trying to reach out to me but also builds confidence to listen to intuition. I won’t always get it right but it was encouraging. I put Freyas card up against my screen along with Two was rune card. I might also burn some rose incence as that is Freya incence. Maybe whatever message she has or what she wants me to do or know might come to me as I work. :grin: progress​:smiley_cat:I feel I’m heading in the right direction now.


Nice work, Danni! :raised_hands: :blush: Signs sure can be baffling at times, but when there is a message out there we are meant to see it will keep trying to come across- so reaching out is a great way to close the gap. I’m so glad you were able to connect with Freya and get a bit more insight! :tada: Great job!


Hmmm… “insistent?” Urgent? Demonstrative? Just short of clear? :rofl:


Oh yes, insistent makes much more sense lol thanks for helping me out there!


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