A little advice please

Hi Everyone. I need some advice please as i dont want to do the wrong thing and cause harm to anyone.
I work with a person who is incredibly nasty. Screams at everyone. Insults them and me as well. I have tried cutting the cords… I have protected myself etc, but as i work with this person it is difficult to stay away from her. I know she has personal issues, but it is not fair to myself and anyone else who works there to be treated that way. I have done a past life on myself to see where her jealousy and anger comes from. Yes, there was a past life connection. I sometimes feel her hatred towards me. She doesnt even know why i imagine.
Can anyone give me some ideas on how i can break the cycle with this lady?


Sorry just to add to that… Not only for myself but also for everyone else who works there? Please. Any advice would be greatly appreciated…


Hello @yolande!

Sorry to hear about this nasty coworker. It sounds like she is making things difficult not only for you, but also for everyone else in the office! I agree that this is not fair to you and your coworkers. First things first- have you talked with your boss or supervisor about this? Oftentimes disruptions and harsh working environments lead to lower productivity as employees are stressed. I think it is in your boss’ best interests to separate this negative co-worker from the rest of you!

Aside from seeking help from your boss and trying your best to avoid this nasty presence, you might also want to try a new form of shielding. Since you have already tried cord-cutting and established that your bond goes deeper than just this lifetime, I suggest trying some kind of bounceback spell.

This Return to Sender Spell promotes karmic retribution. Francisco has also shared a great bounceback spell here:

While your coworker may not be sending harmful spells your way, she is sending harsh words, bad insults, and negative energy- all of which you have the right to deflect away from you. Perhaps sending her own energy back at her may help to deter her in the future.

Keep up with the protective spells and rituals too! :sparkles: Surrounding yourself with protective items and energy can only help to lift you up and keep you strong aginst this bad influence!

Stay strong, Yolande- I’m sending love and light your way :heart: Good luck and blessed be! :two_hearts:


@TheTravelWitch thank you so much for the good advice. I have spoken with the boss many times and he does confront her. She is then fine for a while, sulking but then not long before it starts up again. He has also moved her to an office on her own, but unfortunately she is the accounts person so we all have to deal with her on a daily basis. Gosh i can go and and tell you stories… But thats just my anger and irritation at the whole situation. In the back of my mind i also try to remember that she too has problems and thats just who she is. Sometimes its hard to just live and let live when its affecting everyone else.
Funny you mention moon water… Almost like i knew i would need it for something… On Saturday, Sunday and Monday i made my very first bottle of moon water… Yay…
Thank you so much for the guidance. I will plan the spell properly and let you know how it goes… Much love and blessed be…


I’m relatively new, but maybe wearing a charged black tourmaline or carrying it or placing in your work area may help. I would definitely use @TheTravelWitch advice also.

I hope it eases up soon for you. It’s never good to have an uncomfortable workplace.

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Ok i did the spell tonight… Thank you for your input everyone. @krissie117i will do as tou say as well. I have a few stones i always have with me… Including black tourmaline. I also have 3 lemons i keep on my desk to absorb negative energy…
Thank you… I will keep you guys updated on how things go…


I hope the spell went well and that the negative influence can be reduced! I’m also glad your boss took your side and tried to move her away from the rest of you. You have a kind heart and are approaching this unfortunate situation with a lot of dignity and honor, @yolande! Keep your head held high and know that you are in the right here- sending good thoughts and energies your way! :heart: Blessed be! :pray:

I would definitely recommend a return to sender spell, I would also advice a banishing spell, like this one on the main spells 8 website.

Far & Away

It wont cause any harm to your co-worker; the intention is to make them disappear from your life and get rid of their negativity forever.

Good luck!


Since you have lemons, do you have any straight pins? HearthWitch on YouTube has a great souring spell. You can find it here. It’s mostly for friendships and break ups so you might have to adjust it a little but I’m sure you can do that. Make her argue with her supervisor. If your other spell doesn’t help that is.

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Thank you so much everybody for the advice. I will definitely keep referring to your messages and should the situation not improve, i will try the different methods.
Today though was a fabulous day. Not once was i screamed at, or even insulted…
This has given me confidence to try another spell… Something really cool… But what? I have a home, children, my animals… I am so grateful for everything i have… My biggest dream is that i want to help people… But how?


Glad today was a good day for you @yolande! As for what to do, loook through the forum’s spells. I’m sure you can find something. Even the little things can be cool, if given enough energy.


That’s wonderful that you had a peaceful day, and also that you have so many lovely blessings in your life, @yolande! :hearts: Like @kasie said, there are beneficial spells and rituals that can be found throughout the forums that can be adjusted with your intent for the good of all. You could also consider practicing gratitude- spending some time enjoying the good things in your life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Enjoy, and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


This is so true @TheTravelWitch… I make it a point to write down 5 things im grateful for every morning… This practice has calmed my mind so much… There is so much to behold on this planet. Even the sun rising every morning is a gift… :hugs: :hugs: