A question for tarot readers!

A question to all the tarot readers of the forum, what is your favorite deck or decks? I was looking to all the decks that I have and that question came to my mind. Could you please post any photo of the deck and tell me what it makes it so special to you? Or any other story about your deck, I’m sure that all have amazing stories behind!

Thank you very much!!!


What a fun topic for a discussion! :heart_eyes:

My favorite decks at the moment (and it does change depending on the moment lol) are:

I also have the Deck of Oppositions (full review here) but it has a rather steep learning curve and can be tricky to use in practice.

The Ostara Tarot (full review here) is beautiful from an art-perspective, but the mixed styles don’t suit well for readings (imo). I have it on the shelf but don’t read with it much anymore.

I got the Soul Cat Tarot and I love the artwork, but it’s also not a deck I usually reach for to do readings.

Thank you for opening up this discussion, @SpanishWitchy- I can’t wait to hear (and see!) everyone’s favorite tarot decks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :flower_playing_cards:


Ohh a fun question for sure!

So, I have a few different decks :blush: I don’t have pictures of all of them but I do have some videos on my channel of deck walkthroughs.

Hanson Roberts Tarot

Spirits and Shadows Oracle

Somnia Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot

Wild Unknown Tarot

Celtic Tree Oracle

I think the only one I don’t have a video of is my Traditional Manga Tarot that I use in Freebie Fridays sometimes.

I think my favorite deck to use right now is my Traditional Manga Tarot. The images are just so captivating and I love the art style. I also really like the Somnia Tarot. The images are unique to the creator’s experiences with tarot and sleep paralysis, so the deck itself is unique!


I love my Robin Wood tarot deck! I felt pulled to it from the start but it was expensive for the extended book and the cards so I held off for quiet a while. I have a few others but I use this one daily. I love the art, it’s very Wiccan, and it’s just different enough from the traditional Rider-Waite deck to make me happy and close enough that the other books I read don’t confuse me.

Here’s a really great walk through on it! That way you’ll get to see all the cards.


I am working on the wizard tarot because this deck works on the astrological insights! I am really trying to understand each sun sighn to the card and the specific planets :ringer_planet: it is assigned too
I have “The Wizard Tarot”and the book that is sold Separate!

I really like the images too, I like the card stock it’s small it fits in my hand. So I can flip through the deck a specific way I do it.



I love the variety of decks!

I have 2 so far. I have my black and gold Rider-Waite deck that was my first one to have in a long time. My last deck was an original style Rider-Waite as a 16 year old but I have lost that deck to life many eons ago. I fell for this one due to the contrast of the gold with the black. I name my tarot, so this is Elmira. She has a sense of sarcasm and will tell it like it is. She is not afraid to show you where you headed if you don’t listen to her. I had done a reading on my lost relationship with a former ‘lover’ (guy friend that I had been involved with for 15 years that had stopped talking to me). I got a card that was interpreted as a toxic relationship, with manipulation in the future spot. I got her meaning. I now know that it was better we went our separate ways.

Then there is my newest deck, Marigold. She is based on the Rider Waite but has Punjabi undertones. I love how delicate the cards are and fancy they feel. I havent done a reading with her other than to get to know her. So we shall see.


Oh goodness, I love seeing everyone’s decks! I just bought my favorite deck in May. The book has in depth interpretations of each card.

This is my favorite Oracle deck I’ve had for over 20 years.


Ooh, what a fun discussion. I’ll add images after work, but I’ll list my favorites.

Hush Tarot by Jeremy Hush (Etsy, Amazon):

  • Amazing artwork
  • Gives me a different vibe than ones that use RW imagery
  • Always tells me what I need to hear, even if it isn’t related to the question asked, lol (i.e., like to through out jumpers). It doesn’t take s$%& from me (i.e., it will give me the same message over and over if I ignore it).

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot Deck by Matt Hughes (Etsy, Amazon)

  • Again, got me with the artwork
  • Gives me a “regal” feeling
  • Gives messages in a more “gentle” way. It feels very loving while being powerfully illuminating.

The Weaver Tarot - Ascendant Edition (Threads of Fate, currently sold out)

  • Beautiful black cards with silver imagery; based on RW but not the same
  • Gender neutral (Kings = Rulers, Queens = Sovereigns, etc.)
  • My Ride-or-die deck

That’s my problem. I have A LOT of tarot decks, but I feel that each one of them have a different purpose or I need for a different topic or person.

I didn’t know have a YouTube channel! You got a new subscriber!!

That’s happened with a runes deck. I couldn’t afford it at the moment, but I couldn’t stop dreaming and think it about it, until I was able to buy it, and is one of my favorites!!!

Wow!! It must be amazing working with it!!! :heart_eyes:

I love that your name your tarot! I never tried to looking for a name for my decks, but I think I’ll try it!

Oh God! I’m so sorry for that!

I have my first deck 17 years ago (wow, made me feel old) and I feel as if I had grown up with me

You’re right! What an amazing decks!!!

What a wonderful deck you have here!!! Some of the photos seem to give off magic :heart:

I’ll post mine too, when I come home!


I feel the same! Decks have different energy that can help in different situations- some days I can take the hard talk from Anima Mundi, but other times I need something more delicate so I’ll reach for Mystic Manga or Oppositions.

It’s a good excuse to buy more tarot decks, if you ask me! :joy::+1:

Ohhh hooray! Can’t wait to see your decks too @SpanishWitchy! :partying_face:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Aww thank you! :blush: I appreciate that!


My only deck so far is the Modern Witch tarot deck by Lisa Sterle. I really like it. It has beautiful imagery and I have connected with this deck really well. I would like to also branch out and get a few more decks, and maybe look into even oracle or angel cards.


I’ve seen this deck around a few times- it looks so beautiful! I love the artwork and colors especially, it’s just got such a great and positive atmosphere to it :heart:

Thanks for sharing your pretty deck, @robin77! :raised_hands: :blush:


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