A strange egg cleanse result - oomancy

Dear all,
I am contacting you following my usual egg cleanse being “baffled?” by an unexpected result.
I followed the usual protocol recommended by my friend’s grandmother. Incantation, dipping in white alcohol, rubbing, sleeping with it under the pillow, and finally cracking it to read.

After thourought research I haven’t found any ressources ressources to interpret this.
Some kind of rope ? Thread ? I am lost.

Asking for some help here, does anyone has insights or expertise on this ?

Thanks so much in advance for your kind help.
As a new user I can’t unfortunately put an embed image but here is a link to the image, hence the link … remove the space in URL to use

Thanks so much in advance


I personally do not have experience with this type of divination. It has been discussed before though:

Oomancy (Egg cleansing)/ Yolk egg Interpretation

How do I read this egg cleansing I did?

A strange egg cleanse result - oomancy

Egg cleansing , need help reading

There may be more resources in the replies. I hope this helps :smiling_face:


Merry meet @pierre1 :blush:

Thank you for sharing about your oomancy experience! Siofra shared some great recourses for you, and unfortunately, oomancy isn’t something I specialize in either. But I know @SingingWitch has done this type of divination before, and she shared this Oomancy Guide that helped her interpret her results. Perhaps it will help you too! :fried_egg:

I don’t know if oomancy readings are at all similar to tasseography (tea leaf readings), but when reading tea leaves we look especially for symbols within the material. If you saw a rope or thread within the egg, it could be that these are the images you need to examine.

A rope or thread could be the “thread of fate”- a literal lifeline :knot: . It could also be the thin bond between people, and examining it could reveal the relationship strength or status between them. Or it could be leading you somewhere, if you follow it, you may then find the answer to your inquiry (or at least where you can learn more about the question you asked) :thread: :mag:

Again, just suggestions here you might consider!

It is a pleasure to meet you, Pierre, and I hope you are able to find out more about your oomancy reading! :pray::sparkles:


I also noticed the rope or chain hanging above the yolk. It looks very tense in there, almost an “Eight of Swords” situation where something is tied up or bound.

I feel that the rope could either be the fear of control or the need to control, or being controlled by something. Like feeling trapped or not able to say/do something.

It’s most likely just a perception and not a real issue. The rest of the egg looks very clear and it sank nicely to the bottom which is always good.


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