Oomancy (Egg cleansing)/ Yolk egg Interpretation

Hi everyone!

I tried some cleansing this morning with egg. I didn’t know first hand I had to use a candle. Hopefully I was outside under the sun. I use both fire and air energy for ritual. I spoke with the egg and asked it to cleanse my body and soul from all impurities and illnesses. After that I pass it all along my body and I break it inside a glass of water.

It has some little bubbles near the yolk and above the water. I had some spikes that gave out the shape of a castle or a tent. Even a boat surfing. The yolk went below hopefully. Which is a good sign. The yolk also had a white coat covering it.

That is all. I wanted to have your opinion on it because it’s really my first time and what I found on the internet didn’t really help.

P.S I had to speak about the little cloud near the egg and the yolk seems like tumor body. Its volume increased!

Thank you!


Good morning! We actually just had another post about an egg cleansing this week:

The replies have some good information on how to read the egg & how it appears in the cup.

Included in 1 of the replies is how to know if you should perform 1, an article on the basics of egg reading, & a small part about the meanings.

I have never worked with an egg cleansing before, so I’m sorry that there isn’t much other information that I can provide for you.


@Siofra Hi! Thank you… I am checking it right now and see if I get an answer. But the main stuff here is about the size of the egg that looked as a tumor body and also my intuition and the boat or castle shape here with the spikes…



I found some other topics with recommendations:

They both contain video links about doing an egg cleanse & the meanings. Other than that, I have no idea, it’s not something that I use in my practice. @Rowan or @Francisco may be able to share their experiences with you about them.


Thank you @Siofra I have read all information. It’s satisfying. @Rowan 's one is versatile. It’s interesting also but I am not sure I have cascarilla handy for the practice.

Finally I can say my case is not hopeless. I will try a more sophisticated step next time with the candles to cleanse all removed negativity. My mom even bought me a whole eggs packages already.:blush::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@SingingWitch you are very welcome. @Rowan may have more resources for you & the egg cleanse. I’m not sure if it is a regular practice of hers, but I know she did do them.

I am so happy that it’s not hopeless, if you ever need to talk it out or vent please feel free to reach out. :two_hearts:


:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: kisses to you @Siofra Thank you! I will always…