Altar Cloth Suggestions

Hello Everyone

As I was learning as a new witch and going through my studies, I realize that my Altar should have certain objects and candles on it and that I should be comfortable with how my altar looked. I decided at the time of setting up my altar that I wanted an altar cloth on it. Amazon has some good ones at good prices. Here is my Altar …

PS I love everyone’s altars, cloths, and ideas.
Blessed Be.


That is a lovely altar cloth! I love the Triquetra in the center of the Wheel of the Year & zodiac symbols! :heart_eyes: Amazon you say? :thinking: It’s a lovely altar setup & I’m glad that you found what you are comfortable with! It looks great! :star_struck: @debra2


@debra2 You are right, what really matters is that you are comfortable with it :+1: Nice job with the new altar cloth! I really like that solar/zodiac wheel


@debra2 love the new set up. Everything looks great