Altars! Love to see yours!

Michael is my Guardian Angel!


Aww, thank you! I have been really busy with work and have the horrible tendency to let my personal/spiritual side disappear when that happens. I was actually just thinking of the coven last night and that I need to spend more time on my self.


A lot of us humans tend to go back into our auto-mode, focused on work and tend to forget the personal/spiritual side.

It can be hard to balance at times and is a trap in this matrix system.

The less spiritual and awakened we are, the better for the ‘system’. We work, we watch TV, we eat, we sleep and we repeat.

The trick is to find a way that works for you that you are always thinking about it somehow. A morning thank you to the universe as a reminder to re-ground you to this magical work of life, or even at work with everything you do - something to remind you and snap you back out of the repetitive trap. With not only how you work, but how you see people, how you talk to people and so forth.

I set myself a reminder in my calendar every few days as well on repeat, just to give myself some time and bring me back around.



Oh my yes! It very much is a trap. I’ve added a couple items to my desk to remind me of my deities.

I also use a Full Focus Planner that uses The Big 3 (daily, weekly, quarterly). I have made one of my quarterly big 3 to re-ground and reconnect to my spiritual side. Then each week I think about how I can achieve that this week and set a goal for the week to be my weekly big 3. For example, this week is to complete my lunar ritual 5/7 days this week. Then daily, I tie in a daily big 3 into this weekly big 3. Yesterday it was have my tea made and ready before I start so I don’t have to break my circle. I’ve done this for a week now and it’s been helping me bring it front and center without leaning too far the other direction.

I do like your idea of scheduling time into my calendar though. I may steal that idea. :wink:


Lovely workmanship. I love it. I’ve been eyeing them on Esty. :wink:


Thank you!


It’s all good, I just worry about my fellow coven members/family!! There are some I reach out to and get no response, which makes me worry more. But thank you for reaching out! And I’m glad you’re ok!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:


This is my Altar so far, as I’m still learning and wishing to make my altar better as I grow as a witch, @roxanne


I greatly appreciate it! Makes me love this group even more. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@jessica55 I’m in the same boat as you - work is crazy and I go down those rabbit holes real fast. Also putting everyone and everything else first. For some reason, if I tend to those first, then I’ll have time for me.


Wheel of the year cloth, really nice your alter.