An Ending or Beginning to a terrible year

Hey everyone , just dropping a little note to let you all know how it has been going. Well , the 27th of Dec. my nephew (33 yrs) flipped his cookie and tried to strangle me after I jumped him for being verbally abusive to his young son. I,m not going into full story , its to long and makes me feel terrible for all involved. Dec. 28th , started acting like a fool again so cops were called to make an arrest after the horrible death threats sent by text to my brother , which is not his real father but was born after he married his mother , nevermind , offtrack. Anyway, booked into jail. Jan 4th , 2021 Alexi Laiho passed away. I know noone has probably heard of him but he was a influence of mine on the guitar. He was to young. Jan. 5th …nephew released with all charges dropped by county prosecutor. Jan 8th . nephew driven 20 miles away to the next town to reside in a homeless shelter , its tough love he is recieving from the whole family …this has been going on since his teen years , its grow up time. No more carrying. Few other little things but anyhow , hows everyone else doing? Lol. I have to laugh its just insane.


Oh goodness, @FlagrumThorn! So sorry to hear that things have been a whirlwind of chaos for you and your loved ones lately- it sounds like a very tough way to end the year. Have things hopefully calmed down now? Sending good thoughts to you and wishing for peace and justice. Be well and stay safe! :pray::heart:


Gads! That’s awful @FlagrumThorn! I was just thinking of you last night and adding you to my prayers. I’m glad I did, it sounds like you could use some good energy. I’ll keep you in mind. Hopefully, your nephew will get the wake-up call he needs to straighten up!


Oh my! I am so sorry to hear what you have had to go through. At the end of the year we had to do some tough love for a family member dear to me. I know how hard it can be when family turns on you. I will keep you, and your family, in my thoughts. If it’s okay, I will add this to the Energy Exchange Wiki, too.


So very sorry to hear what you’ve been through. I hope he learns his lesson, too! I’ll say a prayer for you and him. I’ve had some tough love, too but keep your head up! We’re all here for you if need be, ok!


It’s one of those, “I can’t make this stuff up” type of situations. I’m happy that you seem to be doing well afterward and sometimes tough love is the only thing that makes sense and works. I hope it starts looking up for you during the latter half of the month.

I’m doing okay, I don’t have to have surgery but everything else is being taken care of, I have my physical and occupational therapy coming up soon.

I also got most of my payments from retroactive social security & the stimulus check all in one week, so all of my bills and things are up to date and that feels like a lot of weight off of my shoulders. It’s made all of my days brighter.

I am focusing more on me and trying to do at least one witchy thing a day to get a routine going again. I’m feeling much better now than I have in a while mentally. So things are looking up all around. A lot of nice surprises happening.

I hope you get back on track and there isn’t any new drama for you until much later.


Since you mentioned Alexi Laiho, I guess it’s appropriate to musicalize this topic with…

Good luck with your nephew. It sounds really painful but sometimes tough love is the only option. How’s his mental health?


@Francisco He has been diagnosed as a sociopath I believe.


GEEZ…after that… I’m living in heaven… no room to complain AT ALL! Maybe you can just assume that the year has to improve from this point forward.
I am looking forward to some medical tests, but aside from that life is pretty simple.
Prayers for your nephew to find his way. He sounds like he has some tough issues to work through.


Think it can’t get any worse? Buckle up.


Law of Attraction: believe positive and you will attract positive.

Do spell work to change the energy to positive energy, change the circumstances so there is a good foundation, then remember life progressively gets better for all of humanity, not worse.

Even when we personally face hardships in our own lives and even when our personal lives seem to be getting worse no matter what we try, remember these science articles: “Religion, psychology share methods for reducing distress, study finds”, “Spirituality correlates to better mental health regardless of religion, say researchers”, and “Religion, spirituality influence health in different but complementary ways”


I love this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The Law of Attraction is a philosophy (a belief/way of life) that is backed by psychology (a scientific study of the mind). It’s an area where spirituality and scientific findings overlap and agree :+1:

Benjamin shared some great resources, and as this is a favorite study of mine, I’ll add some extra details and resources for anyone interested!

In psychological terms, the way you think has enormous repercussions over your life. While genetics and outside circumstances do play a role in your level of perceived happiness- a surprisingly huge portion of your well-being comes from your own actions and thoughts. [For reference and more on this, take a look at Berkley’s Happiness Pie Chart]

The term Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is, in many senses, the Law of Attraction expressed in Cognitive Science :brain::

What is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a belief or expectation that an individual holds about a future event that manifests because the individual holds it (Good Therapy, 2015).

[From Positive Psychology: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in Psychology]

Simply Psychology has a great article about Self-Fulfilling Propechies- how they can be used to take control over your own life, and also how you can potentially use them to help others (while keeping ethics in mind, of course!) like with the Placebo Effect and Pygmalian Effect.

I absolutely love cognitive science and these kinds of studies- so if anyone else is interested in the science of happiness, I recommend a class I took called The Science of Well-being (the course is through Yale University and is available online).

Lots of love and positive thoughts! Blessed be :pray::relaxed: