Any ideas guys?

I am posting this here BECAUSE i don’t know exactly HOW to word it on google so maybe someone in the forum can point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

So. Without putting my personal business out there…HOW would one go about performing a spell that would give the desired outcome for say…someone who they wanted to have things hurry up in a legal process…?

Like, i don’t know how to word it. But a spell where one would focus and SEE the outcome? Does that make sense?


Okay, so are you wanting to influence how fast the legal thing happens, or the outcome?

Did you see this spell on-site? Maybe that will give you an idea.


I’ve got a few ideas here for you depending exactly what you’re looking to do. I’m sure these could also be adapted to your specific situation.

If you’re up to working with deities, you might try petitioning Hekate for help.

If your situation involves someone telling lies or gossiping, you can adapt this spell and direct it toward them and/or the court case for everyone to tell the truth.

And then the Black Candle Restoration spell could be adapted for court cases as well to tip the scales toward justice and balance for all involved.


Thank you! I wasn’t up to working with deities at first…but i understanding how this can change so fast with witchcraft. I feel drawn to her, i have already felt an energy shift in my room after chanting her name…and so i am finding chants and prayers to her.

The legal case isn’t for me it’s for my fiance…would it work the same?


So, those are different asks…but you could work on them in tandem

  1. You can focus on an intention - you can do this through meditation, candle gazing, writing and burning, working with/invoking a deity (e.g., Hecate, Athena, Saturn and Jupiter all of whom are associated with Justice), visualization, etc.

  2. You cast a spell for a legal outcome. - those above are examples and of course all the things you typically do to make the legal process work in your favor

  3. You can cast a spell to hurry things along or you can amplify a spell to make it work faster - you can amplify a spell with ingredients (like mixing in black pepper, star anise on your altar, pepper), offerings, adding people working on the same spell, casting it on a waxing or full moon, casting it on a certain day of the week, e.g., a Thursday, doing a multi-day spell, raising your vibration with meditation, art, journaling, gratitude, contributions, etc.

  4. To see the outcome - that involves having an innate or developed psychic gift and applying a divination technique, like scrying, pendulum work, Tarot, etc.


@triplemoonlove9091 if it’s for your fiance then having their permission to work on their behalf would be helpful too.


Oh I definitely have permission. :slight_smile:


Well, since we are entering the waxing moon phase (increase or growing manifestation of blessings we want to come to us), I guess it would matter on what you want manifested quickly. Also, don’t forget that sometimes the gods don’t like to be rushed (might get what you want, but not how). So, at least leave a special offering.

With that, I would probably do a tarot card reading on the situation.


I don’t know anybody who can read my cards and i don’t know how to read them yet.


And i want the judge to hurry up and make a decision and and i hope it goes the way it NEEDS to go…i won’t say what we want but the way it NEEDS to go. Even if that isn’t what we want, because sometimes we think we know best and we don’t.


@MeganB is a master at reading Tarot, and she kindly offers free Tarot Readings here in the forum every Friday! (Here is last week’s Freebie Friday post if you are interested). However, every reader sets their own boundaries and I know Megan doesn’t usually read for legal matters.

That being said, you could request a reading for something related: such as happiness in the coming days, or success this month, or a card to point to what the near future holds! :blush:

Another option is, if tarot cards aren’t your cup of tea, to give another means of divination a try! From using a pendulum to Tasseography/Tea Leaf Reading, Candle Readings, and more divination methods- there are many ways you might be able to get your questions answered without using tarot cards :+1:

Good luck, @triplemoonlove9091- I hope that the case is resolved peacefully and that things go well for you! :pray::heart:


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