Any suggestions?

I need a spell to calm my inner being and just bring me peace…something not to complex.

I feel so angry all the time and just down…

Blessed be sisters!


I’m sorry that youre feeling that way. I have had those inner struggles myself.

We have a few for soothing & calm…

These are few that I found really quickly on the Spells8 site. Just remember to be logged in to access the full spells.

There may be others with some more suggestions.

I have found that journaling or free writing helps at times or listening to calming music. I have also gone down to the beach & thrown rocks into the water setting the intention of what I’m releasing to the rock I’m throwing.


Have you got a rose quartz? Maybe charm it for self-love.


How do I charm it?


Hello! It’s your friendly mod helper :laughing: I found this post where we had a challenge to make objects magickal:

:purse: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Making Objects Magickal

Charming it to make it for self-love would be like setting the intention for it & then carrying it with you or wearing it. You could keep it in your pocket or however then hold it or rub it with your fingers/hand to remind you of the properties you have set for the intention.

We also have this on the site to enchant jewelry or other objects for specific intentions:

You could also use one sort as a Worry Stone:

We also have some spells best done on a Friday, but you could do them at any time for self love &/or friendship:

I did happen to find some self-care journal prompt pages if you are interested:


I know exactly how you feel. I get the being angry and down thing. I had to pull out my playlist for a great meditation. Just listen to it as you fall asleep. I hope you give it a chance.

As for reiki, this short is wonderful. Listen to it as many times as you need to!

Last but definitely not least, Tip of the Moon does the best reiki for energy cleanse…

All in all, it’s rough having these emotions. Whatever you do, get them out! I’m so glad that you’re here and that you asked for help! :heart:


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